Eclectic mix of succulents, sedum, hydrangea, roses and bouvarida

In those years when we are graced with an “Indian summer,” early Autumn brides will still have the pick of those gorgeous summer blooms with varieties such as Dahlias and Garden roses enjoying the last rays of sunshine and warm evenings.

Fun lemons and yellow Garden Roses

Eclectic mixes of blooms including Sedum and Succulents offer wonderful texture and earthiness for Autumn brides along with the last blooms of Hydrangeas changing in hues to mottled greens, reds and purples.

Roses, bouvardia, orchids

Vintage brides will not be left out in Autumn with a gorgeous mix of Roses, Lisianthus, Freesias, Bouvardia and pretty cooler season flowers available. Autumnal tone roses and berries with autumn foliages are a favourite of ours at Flos Florum and when Tulips make a return with the onset of cooler weather they offer a classic, elegant feel for the contemporary bride.

Roses, berries and delightful blue gum

Left to choose the best available seasonal flowers, autumn is one of our favourite times of the year with colour schemed weddings giving us complete scope to choose flowers based on availability, colour and texture to achieve wonderful results.

Seasonal Dahlias, Roses, Celosia, Carnations and Strawberry Fields

Images by Flos Florum

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Ms Gingham says: Just beautiful. My favourite (and it’s definitely hard to choose) is roses, berries and bluegum.

Emma of Flos Florum says that her motivation is to create bespoke wedding flowers that will remain captured in your memories and photographs forever.