This incredible series of images “Water & The Wedding Dress” come to us today from destination photographer Lisa Michele Burns. Lisa captured a series of stunning photographs of brides willing to dip their gowns in the ocean. The incredible backdrops of Hayman Island, Blue Pearl Bay and Whitehaven Beach sold me on these photographs. I’ve always admired Lisa’s incredible ability to capture the beauty of these locations and these photos are positively breathtaking. Together with her newly married couples (who have often eloped!) Lisa has done everything from take a speed boat ride to where the fish are fashion curious, to the helicopter only accessible Whitehaven Beach.

As for the state of the gowns after their dip? Lisa explains “The dresses are never (so far!) damaged and the salt water tends to just wash away any of the dirt collected at the bottom of the dress on the wedding day. A good dry clean after will ensure they’re still in mint condition and ready for storage.”