Linda & Luke

 There is something about wild patches of colour at a wedding and today’s celebration uses it to the extreme, in big doses with eclectic whimsy and lots of handmade bunches of bright colour!

Linda tells the story of how she met Luke. “Luke and I meet in approx month of May of 2004 at a dodgy nightclub called Wax in Moorabbin.  I was a local to the area and had no expectations, Luke was from Thornbury and a little far from home with a mate he worked with.  My girlfriend and I had had a few drinks at my house before hand and sort of as a dare I decided to go handcuffed to the bar only to see if I would actually be let in.  Anyway I was let in handcuffed and all and that’s where I met Luke at the bar and the rest is history.”

Photographs are by Jessica Tremp of Brown Paper Parcel Photography  who captures the eclectic, off beat feel of the wedding with her images.

Pash Flowers created the brightly coloured bouquets. Linda says, “The flowers from Pash were absolutely amazing and lasted for weeks after the wedding.”

Lindy and Brony (Linda and her friend Bron’s creative adventure business) not only looked after the styling of the event, but created the whimsical pair of wedding shoes and Linda’s colourful hairpiece.

Linda found her vintage wedding dress and lace bolero on Ebay.

Linda and Luke held their ceremony and reception at the one venue – Gum Gully Farm. Linda explains “Gum Gully Farm was the first venue we checked out and we pretty much knew from then that it would be the place for us.  We both felt at home there. It’s a beautiful property nestled amongst a stunning landscape and so cosy for a Winter wedding.”

Linda walked down the aisle to “Cheaper Than Free” by Stevie Nicks. Linda remarks “Stevie’s my idol!”

Linda recalls “Our celebrant, close family friend Rosalie, helped make our ceremony truly unique to us.”

Guests received succulents and personal CD’s as favors. The tables were decorated with vintage plates. Linda recalls  “Mum, Nanna and other friends of the family helped with collecting many of the different bread and butter plates we decided to use.”

The wedding was filled with handmade decorations. Linda explains “Family friends Tracey and Ellie helped me arrange the flowers for the tables the day before and we also added some bright fake flowers to the arrangements for a touch of added colour. I up-cycled fabric to make the patchwork table runners and garlands. The lovely Crystal designed the invites. Our mate Andy supplied the succulents.  I decorated them with vintage 1950’s Women’s Days magazine paper I also used the left over vintage paper to make the love heart shape name tags.”

Linda’s mother made the wedding cake.

Hip Cats performed at the reception and kept everybody in a  festive mood. Linda recalls “The Hip Cats played great music. they went around to every table and sung to each table. They also got all the guests up dancing.”

The first dance was a fun one, Linda recalls “We danced to another favourite song of ours ‘Dirty Old town’ by the Pogues, It was awesome I had broken my leg 4 weeks prior to the wedding so for me being able to stand up and semi waddle / wave at all was a great feeling. ”

Linda remembers “We both wanted a non serious relaxed wedding with loads of fun and laughter.  The day / night was a total blast and best of all we had a great party, hanging out with close friends and family.”

Congratulations Linda and Luke! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Jessica Tremp of Brown Paper Parcel Photography  for sharing today’s photographs!