It was a delightful Friday last week when at 4pm on the dot our doorbell rang. A courier laden with a hessian bag full of ingredients was at the door because clearly, it was Pimms O’Clock!

What a delightful treat it was to receive a bag laden with goodies to make our own jugs of Pimms! With Spring right around the corner, my mind has started to turn to cocktails I can serve on hot Summer days and long lazy lunches. Easy ones, pour out of a jug and pop a pretty paper straw in one! I also love Pimms after a sunny wedding ceremony. It has an old fashioned charm to it and is so refreshing if your guests have been sweltering!


– 30ml Pimms

– Lemonade (or ginger ale)

– Cucumber

– Oranges

– Strawberries

– Fresh Mint


For safety’s sake, we followed the recipe that came on this handy tea towel (I say handy because I prefer my cocktail recipes to be  easily accessible, don’t you?)

1. Add 30 mls of Pimms to a jug.

2. Top with ice cold lemonade. We used two 300ml cans. (I’ve also loved using ginger ale which adds that fresh ginger taste). The recipe works out as three parts lemonade to one part Pimms.

3. Add assorted fruit and vegetables. The Pimms Classic contains cucumber sliced lengthways hulled and quartered strawberries, thinly sliced oranges and fresh mint.  (We used it all, minus the cucumber!)

Mix in your jug and pour into tall glasses. Enjoy! (Preferably with strawberries and cream on a hot sunny day!)

The Pimms package was sent to Polka Dot Bride for editorial consideration in accordance with our disclosure policy.