I’ve been digging through the archives to populate the Ask Ms Polka Dot columns and I am consistently interested in the stories of our readers and how their weddings turned out! Sit back for another Ask Ms Polka Dot!

Hi Ms Polka Dot,
I’m a very non-artistic bride who’se struggling with getting up a concept that will tie all 3 (yes I did say 3) wedding ceremonies I will be having, in 2 countries. I was wondering if you had any advice on that at all? It’s kind of a broad catch-all, but I’ve had to cater to all aspects of my and hubbie-to-be’s culture, plus to be with family who are flung all over the world.

Also, I’ve chose a Christmas-red/cranberry colour!

Thank you for any advice you can throw my way!

You’ve certainly set yourself a task!

For red inspiration, click on ‘inspiration boards’, scroll through the pages and you will find several boards featuring red – with white or in combination with other colours. We also have a ‘Creative Colour’ already done – Cherry red.  You could use the hints in this article for inspiration as well, as this colour is similiar to the cranberry colour.

I feel that a starting point for your wedding planning could be that you now call two countries ‘home’. Using different aspects of the cultures of your two ‘homes’ in your ceremonies will allow your guests to see how you have embraced the two cultures – transplant some unique,easy to transport pieces of that culture to the other country will allow guests a glimpse of the life you have in the other country.

Is there an item/object/verse that is especially meaningful to you both? You could use this object at all your ceremonies as a special touch and one that will link all 3 ceremonies together. You sound as if you could be wearing up to 3 different outfits/gowns. Could these all incorporate red in some way  shoes, sash, jewellery etc?

Could the invitations be printed on beautiful buff coloured paper and printed in red ink for the lettering and design. Could the same invitations be used for all 3 wedding ceremonies, but with slightly different wording to accommodate the different countries you will be in?
It would nice to use your favourite aspects of your and your husband to be’s culture in all your wedding ceremonies – e.g. food, traditions, dancing, music. If one of ceremonies is to be held in the country you now reside in, I’m sure your  guests would appreciate these and the unique flavour they bring. You could give your guests favours that reflect your country of origin. When you go ‘home’ to your country of origin, it might be quirky to find a particular little item that you could give your guests as favours that reflect the country that you now live in.

If you are having bridesmaids, you could get dresses designed that reflect a modern version of your traditional dress from your country of origin (e.g. using sari silk for instance and incorporating the embroidered borders into the dresses). If the bridesmaids are also in attendance at your other wedding ceremonies they could again wear these dresses.

You could have a similiar ‘feel’ to each of your wedding celebrations. Decide on the theme – vintage, modern, ‘country of origin’. So if your country of origin is Indian, Turkish, Pakistani, incorporate aspects of that culture, not only when you go back to your country of origin, but also to the ceremony in your adopted country – e.g. saris to drape over pergolas, over comfortable seating set up outside around a garden, paper lanterns, groups of candles everywhere, hand beaten metal dinnerware and serving platters, bells. If you were Turkish for example, patterned plates, tessellated tile patterns in table cloths, stained glass lanterns etc. There will be suppliers in each country who you could find for the things you need – just use the internet. Or you could get things sent from your homeland by ordering over the internet, or relatives could source things you require as well.

Do up a ‘mood board’  one for each country – just a pin board really, and find fabrics, pictures of things you might like to use in your wedding theme. Add and subtract until you have the overall ‘picture’ of the wedding you are happy with.

Best of luck with it all, and have a wonderful wedding (or three)!

Ms Polka Dot.


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