I am not afraid to say I don’t know much about beauty, but  I’m a little addicted to videos, books and everything I can get my hands on to work out the tips & tricks from the professionals! So today we have something a little different, we’re joined by LA based eyebrow and makeup artist Tonya Crooks for all the tips on how to get your eyebrows looking smashing! Just the stuff nobody talks about but is like a secret weapon being fed around the masses!

 Please introduce yourself to our readers – where are you based?
My name is Tonya Crooks and I am a Los Angeles based eyebrow and make-up artist. My studio is located in West Hollywood, CA.

 What is your background in the beauty industry?
I started in the industry doing make-up on models and noticed that there was only so much you could do to correct their bad eyebrows with make-up and photo shop. So I taught myself how to correct bad eyebrows and really shape each set of brows to each person’s unique facial structure.

You are an eyebrow stylist to the stars – such as Nicole Kidman, Fergie and Megan Fox. What is it about eyebrows that makes or breaks a look?
Eye brows really need to fit your face, and no two people have the exact same facial structure. So it is about determining your eyebrow shape, and knowing what results you desire. Brows that are too thin, overplucked, overgrown, or shaped wrong can completely ruin your look. If you have one particular shape of eyebrow and try to change it into another, you will have a mess. Go back to pictures of when you were a kid and see what your natural shape is before you started messing with them.

Why are eyebrows such a key beauty trend in 2012?
Eye brows are such a key trend in 2012 because they are finally being seen as an accessory. Big, beautiful brows are a fashion trend, and people are looking to accentuate their outfit with a facial feature.

If getting our brows professionally done, what should we ask for?
You want to keep the thickness and fullness intact, don’t over tweeze too much from the center, and keep from messing with them before your next appointment. Really do your research and find someone who is a specialist. Please avoid the nail shops popping up on every corner and especially threading.

How can we ensure that our professional is giving us the correct eyebrow shape/colour for our face?
Read reviews and make sure you are going to the right person to shape your brows. Ask questions about what they are doing and be clear about what you want as the results. Please avoid the $5 threading places that are popping up on every corner!

Do you have any tips for doing our brows at home?
Brush your brows up to determine their natural shape. Color that shape in with a hard lead pencil, and manicure your brows with scissors, tweezers, and a gentle wax like Veet’s at home Wax for Sensitive Skin. Once you have the shape apply the wax in a thin layer from the inside corner to the arch, making sure the wax is spread in the direction of hair growth. Remove with the reusable strip and repeat from the arch to tail. Brush the brows up again and trim with scissors to the shape you have created.

What are the most common mistakes you see people make with eyebrows?
Over tweezing is one of the most common mistakes I see with my clients. You need to let your brows really grow in before manicuring them, even if it means you have to put up with a couple weeks of overgrown hairs.

What are the best colours for a brow?
For brunettes you want to match the hair color exactly. If you have black hair you want to go a little lighter. Use a soft black. For redheads you want to try and match as much as possible and for blondes they have more range. They are able to move within two shades lighter or darker. If really blonde, you need a little contrast so the eyebrow doesn’t get lost on the face.

How should we groom our brows for every day, and for a special occasion look? Is there any difference?
If you are going to dress the brow, you are going to dress the brow for every occasion. For high precision you want to use a sharp pencil and fill in to your natural shape before a special occasion. It also depends on the amount of make-up you wear.

If you have brows that are naturally sparse (and not thick) how do you make them look thicker, without looking like Cruella de Vil?
Growth serum is the easiest was to do this. Over the counter brow growth has become an asset for every woman with sparse brows. Let them grow out and then shape them once the hairs have grown in.

What are your favourite products that you recommend for brows?
Veet Wax for Sensitive skin is a product I would highly recommend for at home care. I have had trouble finding the right pencils, tweezers, scissors and colors so am launching my own product line at the start of the year. Look out for it on my website  and in retail stores!

How do you suggest a bride should approach her ‘eyebrow look’ for her wedding day?
Just as you approach it for every other day. The whole idea is to get your eyebrows perfect where they don’t differ. It is kind of like your hairstyle or haircut. You want your haircut to be the same and just as good on every day.

Thank you for joining us today Tonya! Check out Tonya’s website  for more about her and more tips & tricks!