I never tire of looking at beautiful wedding photography, so today’s expert Hannah Millerick gives me plenty of moments of joy! Hannah creates beautiful wedding imagery and has seven years experience in photographer. She travels the country to capture weddings and today joins us to share what makes her tick!

Tell me about yourself? Did you grow up within a creative family?

Absolutely! I was born and raised in Alice Springs – a town full of creative people.  My mother is a professional artist who sells and exhibits Australia wide.  She’s had a great influence on my creative abilities.  From an early age she would encourage me to see depth and texture.  I’m very grateful for my colourful, eccentric upbringing. When I say colourful I mean literally, our mashed potato would often have a tint of aqua or magenta from the silk dye mum had been working with in her studio.

How did you get into photography? 

As a child I visualized my future as a photographer for National Geographic. I’d already discovered my passion but it was so far away and unrealistic to reach. My world became smaller and I started to feel trapped. After connecting with inspiring, successful people I decided to actively work towards this dream.

Education is important, but it’s nothing without passion! The journey began one step at a time. After graduating I landed a job shooting for a local newspaper. This grounding position built my strong photographic foundations. I learnt how to work with a diverse range of people in various locations. I changed direction after being assigned to a fatal accident scene. Hard news was too negative and politically isolating. New opportunities opened up so there I go again…I dared to dream.

Do you have a mentor, or someone special who has influenced your life and/or photography style?

As I’ve evolved over the years, I’ve aspired to different artists. Currently, I’m spending time with a well-known lifestyle photographer Toby Scott. Toby’s commissioned by publications such as Vogue Living, Real Living and Home Beautiful. Toby puts the ‘fine’ in photography. He’s an absolute perfectionist and someone I have much admiration for. We catch up to talk shop on a fortnightly basis.

What inspires you in your photography?

We are powerful creators in a world of limitless possibilities. Representing the beauty of natural light and surroundings combined with the movement of culture and people gets me wired. I appreciate art that has been influenced by honest emotion.

How would you describe your style?  

As an internal optimist  my images are generally warm and colourful. When you come from a place of love, there is an endless world of photographic possibilities. I like to break down the rigid rules and follow my own intuitive judgment on how something is to be photographed. My images represent real life. I’m not into contrived posing or heavy post production. I use Photoshop to enhance and tweak, not as a Band-Aid.

Does your photography style reflect the way you see life? 

The way I see life…hmmm…I could get rather philosophical here. Life to me is a series of moments stitched together by time. Nothing absolutely nothing stays the same. Life is impermanent. I make still documentaries. I like to dissect overall scenes and capture frames within frames. I live intuitively and mindfully which is expressed in my work.

How do you plan your shots so that each bride has a unique ‘story’ of her wedding?

Understanding that each couple has a lifetime of different experiences and memories contributes to their unique creative work. We are all unique in the way we love, laugh, see, prepare and share. I bring my clients together and capture them in a way that suits their style and personality.

Do you try to get to know the couple so that you can capture their unique personalities in your photography?

Sometimes it’s a little challenging spending quality time together especially if they live interstate or overseas. I’m constantly reminded of who they are on the day. The way they smile, react and communicate. It is my responsibility to intuitively work with and contribute on the day, as it evolves.

You often seem to place the couple in amidst magnificent scenery. Is the natural world something that resonates with you?

Absolutely. I feel somewhat powerless when I’m surrounded by natural beauty. It’s mystical and grandiose. Just because It has always been there doesn’t mean I’m used to it.

I can’t buy or make nature, not like the material world, this stuff comes and goes.

Apart from the magnificent backdrop nature provides, how do you relate the couple to the scenery?

Visually magnificent locations are strong and powerful. Combining this with the coming together of two individuals emerges energy far greater.

The amount of time a particular landscape has had to evolve is hard to fathom. When a couple shares an intimate moment in an amazing place, it feels as though time stands still and the energies between the people and the environment are amplified.

How can a bride look her best in front of the camera?

It is possible to have much fun, joyous connection, happiness and total enjoyment of being in every moment! Concentrate on this and your natural beauty will shine.

Hold a strong internal core whilst softening your outsides simultaneously. Oh, and pretend I’m not there!

What do you like to do when you don’t have a camera in your hand?

I’m a little energy box. Spending quality time with my girlfriends is something I treasure. My husband and I share dinners with friends on a regular basis, I love hatha & bikram yoga, knitting (in winter), swimming (in summer), and playing with our Weimaraner, Merlo…The list goes on!

What is your dream for Hannah Millerick Photography?

To be commissioned to shoot weddings all over the world.  More specifically, I’d love to shoot a winter wedding on the streets of New York.

Thanks for joining us today on Polka Dot Wisdom Hannah. Check out the Hannah Millerick website to see more of Hannah’s work!