1. Beyond Design – I’m a stationary geek and love cards, envelopes, hand made letters…pretty much anything related to paper and postage! Beyond Design, an etsy based business, custom create invitations with vintage travel related themes for destination weddings and their ‘Save the Date’ cards feature old postcards to fit your location of choice. The creative invite kits are my favourite with their air mail theme and little wooden planes.

2. Underwater Bridal Shoots – Water and wedding dresses, what could be more beautiful? I’m loving the new trend of adventurous brides willing to go swimming underwater in their dress. Typically held the day after a wedding these shoots are so much fun to photograph and with the way dresses move in the water, the results are stunning. I’m always very thankful the camera isn’t facing the other way because I never look as graceful as my clients do underwater!

3. Pets at weddings – Having furry friends present at weddings always makes my day and being a dog lover, if they happen to be wearing a little bow tie or ribbon I’ll have to try very hard to resist a photo frenzy on the poor pup.
There are loads of fun ways to integrate your pet into the ceremony, just be sure to have the correct permit if required for your chosen venue.

4. Eygalieres St Sixte Chapel – Europe has an endless collection of dream wedding venues and this tiny picturesque chapel in the Provence region of France is nothing short of amazing. Sitting amongst lavender fields during summer and snow drenched paddocks throughout winter, to say it’s perfect is an understatement! Having visited with my French partner and his mother, I can vouch for the romance and history it embraces let alone the amazing photo opportunities it presents.

5. Honeymoons – I’m a serious travel addict so despite the wedding day being the major event, I can’t help but gush over the amazing honeymoon locations my clients jet off to. I believe the ultimate honeymoon is a round the world ticket and a six month voyage to Venice, Rome, New York, Vanuatu…my list is endless. A girl can dream right?

Ms Gingham says: What a beautiful underwater shot from Lisa Michele! Just gorgeous!

Lisa Michele from Lisa Michele Burns Photography says: “I love my dog and if she could carry a camera and not wag her tail and jump in a frenzy with excitement whenever someone comes near I’d bring her along to every single event as my furry sidekick.”