Dyani and Rory

Suburban backyard wedding meets rustic vintage chic? That’s the style of today’s gorgeous wedding. Not only did the bride’s father build them a little chapel, the couple hired a bush band and the groom wore funky floral tapestry shoes. What a sight to be seen Melbourne!

Dyani tells their story. “We met after a gig at the Regal Ballroom in Northcote I think it was a full moon party. We both ended up at the same warehouse party. We realized we knew lots of the same people yet had never crossed paths…

Rory proposed to me after about three weeks of dating. He was sitting on the couch next to me in my Balaclava flat. He sent me a text message cause he was nervous, my phone beeped, I looked down at it, it said “Marry me” and then I looked at him in surprise and excitement and blurted out “YES”. Rory had been trying to find me a ring to no avail, but couldn’t wait any longer so he wrapped my finger up with a piece of black electrical tape and then we laughed for a while. Then I rang my best friend/flatmate and told her the news and her reply was unfazed…she said ” I knew this was going to happen. I could tell you loved him and you’d marry him.” ”

Photography today is by Ash Vesali  who has captured a sense of moodiness and layers to the day!

Rory wore a mismatched suit with floral tapestry shoes from Irregular Choice.

Dyani wore a vintage gown and borrowed earrings from Rory’s mother.

The bride travelled to the wedding in her mother’s “rad Studebaker Hawk”.

Of their decision to get married at home, Dyani explains, “A few years and children later, we decided we lived in the perfect place to do the deed! A heritage listed house and huge garden with and lovely old apple barn on it.

It was perfect! Beautiful loving friends and family. A beautiful loving ceremony in a little chapel that my awesome dad built inside the barn.” Dyani walked down the aisle to “Talking Heads” by Leonard Cohen.

The floral arrangements for the day were style by Bonnie Ryan of Flowers Vasette. Dyani remarks “Bonnie  is a great old friends and is more a magical flower fairy than florist. Superb work!”

Of their photographer, Dyani says “Ash is Awesome! He is a very calm, very experienced as a wedding photographer and more! ”

Dyani remarks, “Our wedding was a way to shift the focus back to us and our relationship for a lovely moment after the hard work raising a family for a few years and pretty much forgetting ourselves,  It was really relaxed REALLY fun and unforgettable.”

The couple hired a bush band for the reception. Dyani says “We had the fantastic “Blackberry Jam Bush Band” play, who were truly Australian, lovely and had everyone young and old dancing across the barn floor until our legs ached.”

Dyani says “The highlight of being together are our three kids who light up every single day… and even in tough times we can laugh and light each other up too. ”

Dyani remembers ” Our first dance was FUNNY! The princess polka! Everyone laughed and cheered us on. ”

Congratulations on your marriage Dyani and Rory! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you to Ash Vesali  for sharing today’s photographs!