Photo booths are something that are so much fun to have at your reception- talk about some creative and unforgettable memories captured! I’m happy to welcome owner of Little Black Booth in Melbourne, Katrina Humphrey for her tips and tricks to hiring a photo booth for your wedding!

Please introduce yourself and your business to us!

My name is Katrina Humphrey, I am the client manager and owner of Little Black Booth, the only 2012 ABIA Award winning Photobooth company in Victoria.

What was the catalyst that started your interest in the photo booth business?

I started work with Little Black Booth as an attendant.  I loved the fact that I was part of the entertainment for the night, guiding guests in the right direction to allow them to have a great time.  I got to witness the fun, laughter and love of so many beautiful weddings.  So much of the joy of a photobooth happens before anyone even steps inside – guests mingle, play with the prop boxes and get excited all centred around the booth.

I loved that work so much that I started getting more and more involved with photobooths in general, always watching out for the great photostrip proposals, wonderful props, amazing save the dates.

Now I am the client manager and I have the pleasure of being able to help couples all the way from the initial enquiry through to the wedding and the creating of the DVD and on-line gallery post event.

What areas do you service in Victoria?

We are based on the Mornington Peninsula, which is such a beautiful spot for a wedding, but of course, photobooths are very transportable, so we take them to the road.  We will consider traveling anywhere, but our main service area is within 150kms of Rye.

What is the starting point for a couple deciding on a photobooth?

The first thing to do is to jump onto the internet and have a look at all of the fun photos that come out of a photobooth.  Research all of the options available.  Are you looking for a booth to simply add entertainment to your wedding?  How about walking away with a fantastic keepsake, a photo album, guest book?  Maybe photoframes can be the bombonierre?  Once all of these things are decided, get a quote, make a booking and we will walk you through every step along the way.  It is all made nice and easy for you so there is no stress or worries.

Can you briefly describe the process involved, from the initial booking of the booth through to the end of the party/wedding reception?

The first step is to contact us for a quote, have a look through all of the samples and information available and check that your wedding date is still available.  Once you have made the decision to book a simple booking form and payment of a security deposit will secure your date for you.

Three weeks before the wedding we will contact you again to double check details such as booth operation times, any optional extras required (such as prop box, magnets, photo frames or attendant) and start to work out a logo design for the bottom of each photostrip.

The week leading up to the wedding we contact the venue and organize all of the delivery details, no need for the bride and groom to even think about that side of things!

On the wedding day we deliver the booth well before the beginning of the event.  The booth is on a timer and will click on at the time specified and then turn itself off at the end of the hire time.  No watching the clock or worrying about going over time.  Of course there will be no disruption to your reception as we collect the booth after the last guest has left.

Within 48 hours of your wedding a DVD with every photo will be sent to you and an on-line, password protected gallery created so all of your friends and guests can see every photo.  They are all available in a printable format so they are easily uploaded onto Facebook or more copies can be easily made (2 photostrips equal one standard size photo).

You have several photobooth hosts who work for you. What is their role and how do they assist the guests?

If one of our bubbly photobooth hosts is in attendance they will work hard to ensure that your guests have a wonderful time in the booth and that their photos are the best possible.  They will provide little hints and tips, which are the best prop combinations, good positions to sit in inside the booth and perhaps even some great poses.

Once the photos are taken two photostrips will print each time.  One is handed to the guest (with a magnet attached to the back if this option is selected, or perhaps placed in a photo frame) the other is placed in a photo album and the guest is encouraged to write a message next to it.

At the end of the night a true progression of the reception can be seen in the album as well as many heart felt, and often very funny comments.  The album is handed to the couple at the end of the evening, no waiting around for months to see photos.

With a host and photo album a photobooth becomes part of the entertainment, a record of your party and a guest book, all rolled into one!

Do you deliver and set up the photobooth before the event?

The photobooth is set up well before the event.  We always leave enough time to fix any problem that may arise.  Traffic jams, problems with power points, any hiccup can be overcome in time – that is how early each booth is delivered!

Do you provide props, or are you happy for the couple to provide their own?

Props are often a key part of any photobooth hire.  We have a prop box available to hire with a range of wigs, glasses, hats, masks, moustaches and general crazy attire to add to the fun and excitement of your event.  Of course we understand that some brides want to collect or make their own props and we are more than happy to accommodate that.

One thing to consider if you choose not to have a prop box, many a creative guest will go on the search around the venue for something to add to their photos.  I have seen beautiful table centre pieces, even bridesmaids bouquets taken into the booth, so be prepared for this.

Do you offer different layouts as an option for your photos  – or do the photos just come as strips?

For the majority of weddings the couples choose to have only photostrips, available in either colour or black and white.  We do have other options which include frames, crazy hair styles or street art.  Some of which print on a stand photo size (6” x 4”)

Can you add in different backgrounds to suit the couple’s theme or colour palette?

We have a range of curtain backdrops to choose from.  The most popular being red velvet as it looks fabulous in both the colour and black and white photos.

Are you insured?

Absolutely.  We are fully insured!

Why do you love providing photobooths for a wedding?

I love the atmosphere a photobooth provides at a wedding, before anyone even steps inside the booth.  It is an instant ice-breaker.  Guests who may never have met are instantly discussing who looks best in the hot pink feather boa, whether to wear the tiara or police hat and most importantly, what poses to adopt for each photo.  There are no discussions of politics and the weather needed when a photobooth is around.  They add fun and laughter to any event.

What do you love about Australian brides and grooms?

Australian brides and grooms have such a relaxed, loving and all embracing atmosphere to their weddings.  More often than not the speeches and celebration are about the entire family and friendship group not just the couple.  The common theme is one of gratitude that they are able to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

Many times a tear has come to my eye whilst listening to the speeches, sometimes because of heartfelt statement, other times because of the incredibly funny stories.  Every wedding is always entertaining and a joy to work at.  Everyone here at Little Black Booth is aware that we have the best jobs around.

Thanks for joining us today Katrina! To find out more about Katrina’s business and book a photo booth for your wedding day,   visit the Little Black Booth website!