Who knew it’d come around so quickly? That’s right, the column I always hesitate to dip my toes into, the one where I’m a little shy (conflict adverse? who me?) It’s Polka Dot Hot Spot!

This week I want to talk about an issue that kind of plagues the wedding industry, or the life of a bride whether it’s consciously or just purely through those that surround you. Weight.

Did you feel like you had to lose weight for your wedding day? Why? Did you feel the pressure of looking your best? of looking perfect?

How do we come to the realisation that we don’t need to feel embarrassed about our bodies on our wedding days, that our body, is fine at the weight we’re at, that crash dieting is not healthy, that weddings don’t have to be this pinnacle of perfection in our lives?

I have always been specific in my quest to not buy into this- to the point we don’t accept weight loss advertisement placements on our site (healthy change of life style? yes! weight loss for your wedding day? no!) However in my daily life? Not so much. My battle with my own figure, my own weight is a constant one and one I cannot seem to mentally overcome.


So here’s the hot spot. I want to know what you think about weight loss and weddings. Are you dieting for your wedding day? Have you not even thought about it? Why do we even do this?