The stunning new “Luxor” collection from Australian designer Johanna Johnson is the epitome of old Hollywood glamour with the regal feel of old empires. The new collection’s designs are all custom designed by Johanna and her efforts to retain the vintage feel to her gowns not been left to chance- down to the vintage finished techniques she’s used.

The collection is inspired by the days of the Luxor temple where Egyptian metals golds, onyx, kohl, previous metals, deep emeralds and rubies lay in the golden sands. Egyptian inspired paneling has become a feature of the Luxor collection with each gown featuring this customisation. The art deco accents are typical of Johanna’s style with some of the more detailed gowns being entirely hand beaded with vintage finished sequins and Swarovski crystal detailing.

This shimmering gold number is my favourite and on a bride? What a beautiful, elegant statement gown!

Images from Johanna Johnson