Ellen & Toby

I can never quite get over New Zealand’s drop dead gorgeous landscapes, they always make the most stunning backdrop for a wedding! Ellen and Toby chose  Wanaka  for their gorgeous Spring inspired wedding and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Ellen tells their story “We met in the USA. Toby is Canadian, I am a Kiwi. We got together ultimately through mutual friends. However, we got serious quickly and we had to decide whether we a) moved to Canada (we couldn’t live in the States any longer, visas were expiring) b) moved to new Zealand or c) broke up…THANK GOD TOBY CHOSE ‘B’!!!!”

Photographs today are by Lavara O’Hanlon Photography who has captured today’s wedding (and it’s incredible location!) so beautifully!

Ellen chose a gown from Elite Bridal Wear.

Ellen and Toby were married at Holy Family Church, Wanaka . Ellen walked down the aisle to ‘Smash Into You’ by Jon Mclaughin.

One of Ellen’s fondest memories is at the end of the ceremony. “I remember my nieces giving me horse-shoes and love hearts at the end of the ceremony, I bawled my eyes out then. ”

Of their photographer, Ellen remarks “She is amazing….I’ve met Lavara a few times through a close mutual friend, so felt so comfortable with her being there on my special day. She was INCREDIBLE so professional and gave excellent direction – I have no doubt it must be hard with giddy brides and bridesmaids and a few tipsy groomsmen around! She is so special and so amazing at wedding photography. She captured so many special moments and the landscape shots…well, breathtaking!”

The couple held their wedding reception at The Venue. Ellen recalls “It was perfect. Brett and Maxine were amazing, the food was phenomenal. Perfect for everyone, a place to sit, a place to quietly mingle and  PLACE TO dance!!!!”  The wedding cake was made by Cakes of Wanaka. Ellen says ” THE CAKE! My cake was epic!”

For their first dance, Ellen recalls “I started dancing with my dad first…as it is Canadian tradition for the father to dance with the daughter first, and I guess ceremoniously hand me over to my husband! So the special song my father and I danced to was ‘My Wish’ by Rascall Flatts. Love it. Then Toby and I danced to his own song called ‘Save Me’ which he recorded for our proposal. Awesome.”

Congratulations Ellen and Toby! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Lavara O’Hanlon Photography  for sharing today’s photographs!