June has rolled around so quickly and being the second week it means it’s time for Desperately Seeking! That’s right, think of it like the classifieds for Australian brides & grooms, a trading post, an encyclopedia or font of knowledge! Seeking something? Knowing something? This is the place for you on a Friday morning! Can you help our brides out? Leave a comment! If you’d like a query or want to be included in Desperately Seeking July, be sure to drop me a line!

Bride #1 has been hit with her wedding venue (Manly Pavillion) going into liquidation. She and her beloved are marrying on Friday 19th October and are struggling to find a venue that suits their needs!

She says “We are looking for venue options that are unique, not your standard function centre. With a guest list of 75 people, we are hoping to have something that is intimate yet with enough space for dancing! Good food and wine is a must. View/outlook would be nice, but not a deal breaker.

We are getting married at McKell Park in Darling Point. There is no real theme as such, but I am heading down the ‘garden party’ type of look. I had a vision of lots of candles, twinkling fairy lights, loosely arranged flowers in mis-matched jars and our guests seated around 2 long rectangular tables.”

Bride #2 is looking for somewhere to buy cap sleeves separately for her strapless wedding gown She’s unable to find them anywhere and would love to know if someone you know stocks them!

Bride #3 is on the hunt for a laid back venue for a weekend in April which accommodates 60-80 guests (sleeping, some could camp…not all…) where they can have a modern vintage wedding. They’re looking for a pretty informal natural setting within a maximum of four hours from Perth as they have lots of eastern state guests and a handful of children attending.

They’d ideally love a farm!

Bride #4 is looking for a Adelaide based florist to provide bouquets in Dec 2013 with a vintage feel that do not cost a fortune! She is very flexible with choice of flowers, just  looking for a pastel pink.

Bride #5 is looking for terrazzo lights (the light bulbs that are on a strand) from Australia preferably! She is happy if they are preloved!

Intriguing seekings aren’t they – especially for the bride and groom looking for an October Sydney venue! Leave a comment if you can help!