Adam and Caitlin

Adam and I love telling the story of how we met, as it’s kind of a romantic one. We glanced at each other across a crowded bar and plucked up enough courage to introduce ourselves. I told him where I’d be the following Sunday, if he’d like to see me again and left it up to him. But he never showed. A year past before we were introduced through friends (ironically at the same place he was supposed to meet me) and so began our amazing summer romance. We fell completely in love. I had planned to spend a year overseas after the summer and it was so hard to leave Adam, but I was determined to go. After that year, our lives had changed. On a complete whim, three years later, I emailed him and we haven’t been apart since. Our wedding exceeded our expectations; the whole day was filled with joy, love and laughter. We couldn’t keep our eyes off each other and just cherished every moment.

Inglewood Estate (in Kangaroo Ground, Melbourne) provided the perfect backdrop for the relaxed, country-style wedding we were after. Our theme was ´vintage romance´ and the colour palette was spring lemon, cornflower blue and ivory. When we walked out of the chapel as husband and wife, ´We’re walking on sunshine´ by Katrina and the Waves played over the speakers – it said it all.

The ceremony took place in a small, intimate chapel before 70 close friends and family. We were married by my hometown priest, Monsignor Peter Jefferies. It meant a lot to us that he travelled to be with us on the day, because he also married my two older sisters and brothers and my parents over 40 years ago.

Our photographer was Verity Stubbs of Ginger & Mint Photography and we were lucky enough to have her beautiful friend Christina Prochazka from Chrisp Pictures  join us as the second photographer on the day. I knew of Verity as she had photographed a few of my friend’s weddings. So, when I showed Adam her portfolio he immediately agreed that we had to get her. Christina and Verity were both super excited to shoot a wedding at Inglewood Estate and talked about ideas long before the day. What we love most is that our photos tell a story. If your budget permits, I’d highly recommend getting two photographers because at the end of the day, your photos will be your memories and they’ll last a lifetime.

Adam and I planned the wedding together. He was involved with all the big decisions and helped with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, as I tend to fuss over small stuff. I think it’s important to do the planning together, you want the wedding to reflect who you both are as a couple and after all – it’s his wedding too.

My dress was perfect and on the day, it felt like I’d stepped out of the 1920s. With a soft fish-tail skirt and scalloped lace-capped sleeves, it was simple and elegant. The whole dress was covered in a delicate cream lace. Made by Calèche Bridal, purchased from a boutique store called L´amour Bridal Boutique in Blackburn Victoria.

I work for a paper merchant, so it felt only natural to use this beautiful and unique product throughout our styling. Our fortune tellers (also called cootie catchers) were a big hit. They had our guests names printed on them, but also acted as a menu and shared tid-bits about Adam and I. We chose recycled paper for the invitations, brown paper reels became table runners and my sisters collected various glass jars and vases by scouring garage sales. With all this DIY in the wedding, I couldn’t have done it without the help from my mum, sisters and bridesmaids and they took the challenge head on.

During the speeches, my Dad completely surprised me by doing part of his speech in Norwegian. As I’d spent some years there, I can speak the language and we had a few Norwegian friends fly over especially for us. This wouldn’t have been easy for him and I was overwhelmed, but it’s something Adam and I will never forget. Two of my Norwegian girlfriends also surprised us with a video montage. It included special moments we shared together and all of our Norwegian friends wishing us luck. I couldn’t help but tear up, our friends are so far away but it felt like they were celebrating with us – it made our night.

Some extra details: I walked down the aisle to ‘At last’ by Etta James. Our first dance song was called ‘It’s ok love’ by a Danish band called Saybia. (We listened to them a lot when we first started dating. It seemed only fitting to play them at the wedding.) We spent 10 days in Noosa Queensland after the wedding.

Photography by Verity Stubbs, Ginger and Mint Photography and Christina Prochazka, Chrisp Pictures

Ms Gingham says: A love story that just proves that if it’s meant to be it will be! Thanks so much to Caitlin and Adam for sharing their lovely wedding with us.

Caitlin says: “Hi. I’m Caitlin, a country girl at heart – originally from Shepparton (VIC) but now reside in Melbourne. I recently married the love of my life, Adam who makes me laugh everyday. I work as a marketing and communication assistant for a paper merchant and have done for almost five years now. I love how simple things can be made from paper and look so beautiful. I’m creative by nature and am happiest at home, flicking through magazines getting ideas and inspiration for my next project. With my current phase being built, our new home – I’ve taken to amateur interior decorating.”