Framed wedding vows from Etsy

1. Write from the heart. Think about all the reasons why you love your partner, the quirky traits you couldn’t live without, and how you picture your future together. Get out some favourite photos of the two of you, some cards or letters you have written to each other, and take some time to feel the depth of your love. Ask close friends or family to tell you what they notice most about you as a couple, and take notice of the little things you say to each other when no one is listening. Then sit somewhere quiet, put pen to paper and let the words flow.

2. Let your personality shine through. If you and your partner have a lot of fun together and love sharing a joke, then you might want to put some humour into your vows. For example, ‘I promise to let you watch the football on a Friday night, but not on Saturdays’. If you are creative, perhaps you might like to write a poem for your partner. ‘When life has its ups and downs, I will be here through the smiles and frowns ’. If you like very traditional vows but prefer to write them in your own words, you may like to keep the traditional sentiment but personalise the words. For example, ‘I will take care of you when you are sick, and make every moment count when you are well’.

3. Don’t be afraid to adlib a little. Make sure you have thought about these very important vows and know essentially what you would like to say, but if you are great at speaking from the heart and get swept away in the emotion of a moment, saying your vows to your partner without any direction from the celebrant can be a truly beautiful exchange.

4. Choose words you truly feel and believe. Don’t get bogged down by the things you think you should be saying or promising. Promise only what is real for you and the warmth and honesty will come across.

5. Write your vows together. Get two notepads and two pens and sit down with your partner. Ask them to promise you something – whatever first comes to mind. Then have them ask you to make them a promise. Next, ask your partner what they love most about you, and again vice versa. Before you know it you will have a list of real, meaningful words that will easily translate into the vows you can later share with your closest friends and family.

Ms Gingham says: Great tips here! Public speaking can be tricky so it’s nice to have somewhere to start when preparing!

About Andrea: “Andrea is a passionate writer and lover of a good wedding. She began writing poems and readings for her close friends and family as a unique gift for the special milestones in their lives. She now enjoys the challenge of writing for people she doesn’t know and sharing their story in a personal and meaningful way. Andrea has a Bachelor and Post Graduate degree in Professional Writing and is a published writer of short stories. For the ’write’ personalised vows and wedding readings visit Write Weddings