Bouquet from Butterfly Philosophy

Winter is a time of the year when we need to think differently about bouquets. Summer flowers like roses and peonies are less available (now more from hot houses), so we need to include branches and berries to reflect the cooler season. Think of privet berries, snow berries, green hypericum berries, rosehips and even olives. Want an Australian flavour to your bouquet? Try gum nuts, which are really the berries of the gum tree!

If your heart is set on roses, try dotting them throughout the bouquet in the same shade. For something subtle but interesting, keep your bouquet in the same tonal range or exact shade (all whites look beautiful) and keep the berries as a textural element.

1. Bouquet from Pomp & Splendour image by Narelle Joy Photography 2. Bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings 3. Bouquet photo by Sweet Monday Photography via Style Me Pretty 4. Bouquet from Justine Rose. Image from Glen Allsop Photography 5. Photo by Sedona Bride via Style Me Pretty 6. Photo by Kristin Byrum Photography via Southern Weddings Magazine 7. Bouquet from Blond Flores 8. White snowberries from Martha Stewart Weddings 9. Photo by Lili Durkin Photographer via Style Me Pretty 10. Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings 11. Bouquet by  Modern Day Design Photo by Corbin Gurkin Photography via Style Me Pretty 12. Bouquet from  Boulder Blooms Photo by Christina Gressianu 13.Bouquet by Flowerwild photographed by Jose Villa via Southern Weddings Magazine 14.Photo by Jessica Claire, flowers by Flowerwild via Southern Weddings Magazine, Bouquet byBlooming Brides