Gorgeous photography is a big passion of mine and I have long been a fan of Western Australia wedding photographer Natasja Kremers of NK Photography. Natasja creates beautiful, soul baring work and I am so delighted to have her join us on Polka Dot Wisdom today to share her thoughts on weddings and photography!

Where and how did you learn your craft?

I studied photography after I finished high school and received my diploma in applied science in photography in 1995 from TAFE.

What is your mission statement for Natasja Kremers Photography?

To give my all to my clients on their wedding day and to produce beautiful images for them at the same time.

What inspires you about Australian brides? Is there a special ‘Australian’ quality about brides from this country?

Aussie brides are not afraid to be different.  They know how to have a good time and it really shows in the images.  I love that they are real and confident.

What should brides look for in a photographer?

Brides should look for a connection with the work of the photographer.  They have to feel something when they look at the images.  If photography is important to them this is what they need to look for. It is of course lovely when you get along with them too but the main thing I think is the connection with the images.

Do you take traditional photographs of brides or do you strive to be different? What sets you apart from others?

I find this a difficult question to answer. I love some of the traditional images out there. The beauty of a classic will never age.  One of the main things I stress to my clients is to let go on the day and to trust me.  I search for connections between people when I photograph.  I want to see the love they share, I want to feel it. You can only capture this if they let go.

I also don’t feel it’s necessary to go out and have hours of different location shoots, I love to focus on documenting and working in the background for my clients. I always feel guilty if we are away on a location shoot for too long because I feel I’m keeping my clients from their loved ones.  One hour in a location with beautiful light is all I need.  The rest should be spent with family and friends, good food and wine.  Those are my dream weddings.

Where do you find inspiration to keep your photography cutting edge and your interest in it fresh?

I think Jesh De Rox told me you need to find inspiration from all forms of art.  Paintings, beautiful music, films and drawings.  My mum is an artist and lately I’ve been pulling away from looking at other photographers work and just spending time with her.

How do you keep on learning?

I have lately realized I need to shoot more for myself, I’ve signed up for Art and the Heart in New York in June and I can’t wait for it.  It’s a workshop run by Dan O’Day and Samm Blake and focuses more on shooting what you love.  You can never feel comfortable thinking you know it all no matter how many weddings you’ve shot, as a person you are always evolving and learning so why should it be any different in your profession.

What is your number one tip for brides when being photographed?

To be themselves and trust.

How can a bride look her best in front of the camera?

By being happy.

What are your favourite wedding ideas?

I love home weddings.  I love making the location shoot a home or someone’s backyard.

What are the biggest mistakes you see brides making?

To fuss and worry about whether it’s perfect.  Let go.  Trust the vendors you’ve chosen for your day and let them take care of you.

And please pick a dress to suit your body shape.

If money were no object, where and how would you photograph a wedding?

I’d LOVE to photograph a wedding in Paris, arrive the week before and meet with the bride and groom to check out all the locations and plans they’ve made.  I am a sucker for a stunning gown and perfect shoes and of course stunning flowers.

What is your dream for Natasja Kremers Photography?

To keep going the way I’m going.  I’m happy, would love to travel more for my work but we will see where the next few years take me.

 Thank you for joining us on Polka Dot Wisdom today Natasja! Visit the NK Photography website to see more of Natasja’s work!