If you ever get intimidated by some of the wedding DIY projects you see because of the complicated techniques or hard-to-find materials, fear not my crafty-challenged friend! I have three oh-so-easy ribbon projects for you today, two of which you can do in literally a few minutes with nothing more than a pair of scissors.

Project 1: Bridesmaid’s Ribbon Fans

If you want a budget-friendly alternative to bridesmaids’ bouquets consider fans, especially if you’re getting married in the height of summer (not only can your girls can cool off but the fans won’t wilt).

If you think a bamboo fan is a bit plain though, add some embellishment and tie in your wedding colours with ribbons. Simply bundle up three different shades of the same colour ribbon (here dark yellow, lemon yellow and cream), tie through the base of the fan and trim off at different lengths.

Project 2: Book Ring “Pillow”

Don’t feel you have to be limited to a traditional pillow for your rings. Here, a pile of appropriately-titled books tied up with pretty ribbons becomes the perfect ring holder for a vintage-inspired ceremony.

Project 3: Ribbon Wands

With so many venues banning rice and confetti these days, it’s likely you’ll need to opt for an alternative send-off, such as ribbon wands.

Buy some dowel from your local hardware store and cut into equal lengths using a hacksaw and smooth the rough edges with sandpaper. Choose three or so different shades and widths of ribbon and cut into roughly equal lengths. Take one bundle of ribbon and secure to the end of a dowel with tape (I used washi tape).

See? Wedding crafts needn’t be a huge production involving a ton of never-to-be-used-again tools or techniques. It’s easy to take a cheap and widely available item like ribbon and embellish your wedding.

Photos by Luke Simon Photography


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