Happy Monday Dotties!

We have a busy week ahead so before we get into it (with a gorgeous designer post this afternoon!) I want to spotlight on the members of  Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Ms Polka Dot’s Directory is where vendors go when they want to be found. We have a selective group of fantastic wedding photographers for instance in all price brackets and from big studios to small independents. Our hair & makeup artists? They’re gorgeous people and come from a mix of commercial and trained backgrounds offering natural looks or something a little more heavy. Even our florists know how to work their magic creating classic rose bouquets or more artistic, unstructured masterpieces. All in all, I love the varying talents and style of our directory members, so make sure you pop in for a visit!

If you ever feel overwhelmed by stationery websites and just want one place to stop, to sit and figure out your style, then this week’s vendor of the week Love Notes is your kind of site! Love Notes  has partnered with some of Australia’s best stationery designers to create a one stop shop for your wedding stationery. Designs are categorised into event (from weddings to baby showers!) product (invitations to programs) and the site even has a jam packed paper boutique and wishlist to round out the user friendly experience.

We asked Broni from Love Notes five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

Vodka, Campari, lime & cranberry

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Villas of Byron, Byron Bay

Favourite restaurant?

Songbirds in the Forest, Tamborine Mountain(QLD)

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Cacao coconut pancakes with maple syrup

Your favourite wedding story?

A fairly recent wedding comes to mind. A striking young couple that reminded me of Beyonce & Jayz upon my first impression as they were a very good looking couple and had a certain presence about them, almost intimidating! However during our first consult I found them to be quite shy and a little reserved and very very lovely. I later found out the groom was a football player for GC Titans (formerly played for Storm), no wonder he was intimidating to my height of 5ft zero 🙂
They were having there wedding at Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast with 240 guests. As their background is Raratongan their family and friends are used to attending large weddings as well as being heavily involved such as making the cake, decorating the hall etc etc. This couple were adamant that on this occasion, their wedding day, they wanted every little detail taken care of so their family and friends could relax and enjoy their special day also. I thought this was just lovely. For their stationery they decided to go with a monogram design which personalised their day perfectly from place cards to the table numbers.
They had a wonderful wedding day. The most special part for my involvement was the fact they had everything mapped out of how they wanted it to be and could have used any stylist/stationer yet they felt happy with our services and were so gentle and open to any suggestions and ideas we had. It all came together beautifully and they were extremely happy and have a monogram of their special day as a wedding keepsake.

Visit Love Notes’ page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Love Notes is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory