Michael and I outside the Colosseum in Rome 

We travelled to Rome via ‘Eurail’ (1st class, which was a nice change from the sleeper train!) and managed to find our hotel on foot from the train station (with a few wrong turns thrown in!). Turns out we were staying right next to the ‘Santa Maria Maggiore’ or ‘Saint Mary Major’ church, which as well as being a beautiful piece of Roman architecture and history, turned out to be a rather handy landmark for finding our way home after our many adventures on foot!

View of the ‘Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore’ from out hotel rooftop.

By far our favourite Roman landmark was the ‘Colosseum’! This amazing icon of Roman history was like nothing I have ever seen before! The audio commentary helped you to imagine what it would have been like to witness the amazing shows and barbaric gladiatorial battles that took place in the arena. This is a must see for anyone travelling to Rome! We found that the queue moved quickly, and once you are inside you can explore at your own leisure.

 Outside the Colosseum

 Inside the stadium they have recreated some of the internal structures, including the stage upon which the shows were performed.

Just outside the Colosseum we stumbled across the ruins of the ancient city, which was a fascinating landscape to explore. We spent a few hours wandering through the rubble and taking a few snaps.

With Rome being rather large, we decided to take a tour bus in order to be able to explore some of the landmarks on the outskirts of the city.  This took us to the ‘Vatican City’ where we were able to climb to the top of  ‘St Peter’s Basilica’ as well as explore the amazing art work and architecture of the internal structure.

Michael outside St Peter’s Basilica

 Grand artwork inside St Peter’s

 Climbing the many, many stairs to the top!

The Amazing artwork inside the dome ceiling

View of Rome from the top

Another of our favourite things to do in Rome was to EAT! I guess you can’t really travel all that way without getting a decent sample of the wonderful Italian food! I must say the Gelato is AMAZING… and we had some pretty good pizzas too! Yum!

Michael and his ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ birthday nachos

 Mmmm…. Gelato! Who cares if it’s cold

 Delicious spinach pizza! We had the most hillarious waiter at this resturant, who likened himself to Mr Bean!

 Coffee and apple pie at the Cafe next to our hotel 

 And more pizza! I think this one had a bit of everything… Mike looks impressed!

So with very full tummys (and suitcases)  it was time to head back home to Aus! We had an absolute blast on our honeymoon, and has some unforgettable experiences,  but I must say that by the end of our stay we were ready to go home! And it was lovely to be greeted by wonderful friends an family, and of course out beautiful puppy Charlie once we got there.

Photos from Sally and Michael’s collection

Ms Gingham says: I’m really going to miss Sally and Michael’s bright smiles on Polka Dot Honeymoons! It’s been such a pleasure following their story and we wish them all the best for their future together!

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