Rosy & Tim

The enchanting sentence “Tim ♥’s Rosy” was carried throughout this gorgeous Melbourne wedding at Mountain Goat Brewery. From the very first moment, the couple were making their wedding decisions with intention, making sure that their guests enjoyed and loved their wedding as much as they would. Mix in a whole lot of love and beautiful styling and you have a wedding fit for Polka Dot Bride!

Tim and Rosy tell the story of how they came to be. “Years before Tim and Rosy met, Rosy had an encounter with Bill (Tim’s dad). Driving home one day, Bill noticed a house that had a recent renovation that he liked. Wanting to know the name of the builder, he stopped at the house and knocked on the door. Rosy answered the door and from that moment on, he knew he had found the builder of his dreams. He had no idea that several years later, Tim would find the girl of his dreams. The same girl that told him about the builder. The girl next door (well, round the corner and up the street), with the nicely renovated house.

Fast forward to Mother’s day, 2004. Tim was working at Target at the refunds counter. A friendly lady approaches the desk with several packs of ill fitting underwear she had purchased for another family member. Tim checks the integrity of said ill fitting underwear and everything seems to be in order. Refund processed. The friendly lady was Ginny, and standing next to her was Rosy who was spending some quality Mother’s Day time with her.

Tim’s attention turned from undies to Rosy, about 6 feet tall with a huge bunch of dreadlocks sitting atop her head. These attributes meant that Rosy was easy to spot in a crowd and Tim had seen her several times at uni and at the pub he went to most Thursday nights. Rosy was trying to stay well out of this “brief” encounter but Tim asked, “You go to Deakin right? Doing 1st year nursing?”. Rosy, a little embarrassed in the context of jocks quietly replied “Yes”. Tim then followed on with “And you go to the Wheelers Hill pub on Thursday nights?”. Again, she nodded; somewhat bewildered as to why she had never noticed Tim as he was one of only a handful of guys in their 300 strong nursing year level. Ginny fondly refers to this as the “ZING” moment and is a proud participant in this first encounter.

That night, Tim and Adam were out walking. Rosy was also out walking with her father, David and their dogs. Unbeknownst to Tim, they walked straight past each other. Rosy thought it was him but said nothing. She had some reservations that he may be a stalker, but gave him the benefit of the doubt at uni the next day and asked if it was him she had walked past. Later that day, smoke billowed into the lecture theatre they were in. Many stayed but when Tim saw Rosy leave he saw his cue to leave too, so they could get a coffee.

Later in the week, Rosy appeared at Target again and Tim was supervising at the front desk. He opened a register just to serve Rosy and they chatted for a few minutes. Very uncharacteristically, Tim wrote his mobile number on the back of her receipt. Somewhere in the distance (or in Tim’s head), smooth operator was playing.

Fortunately, Rosy retained her receipt, and Tim’s number. Several dates ensued. Two weeks later it was Tim’s 21st birthday. Despite the pressure of having to buy Tim a present for a milestone birthday, Rosy produced some quality gifts. One of which was a juicy navel orange. Though he didn’t get scurvy, Tim developed glandular fever soon after. Despite this, Rosy saw him every day and the dates continued.

Living around the corner from each other and the fact that they did the same course led to a streak of several hundred consecutive days of seeing one another. Over many coffees at Gloria Jeans in Glen Waverley they got to know each other and form a strong foundation for the relationship they have today. After several years’ worth of study sessions together, they both finished their nursing degrees.”

Tim proposed to Rosy at Peninsula Hot Springs in a private spa room after plenty of “love lies” as Tim calls them to throw Rosy off the scent!

Photographs today are by Brent Lukey who captured all the fun of the day with such a sense of humor.

Rosy wore a strapless gown made by Draganas Couture 0419 500 657 with shoes from  Joanne Mercer, jewels from  Ishka and hair & makeup by Shelly from  Forever Flawless.

Simply Georgeous Occasions worked with Rosy & Tim to plan and style the wedding. Tim says “As for the “Tim loves Rosy” moniker seen throughout the day: Since Rosy and I started seeing each other, whenever I wrote her a birthday, Christmas etc card I would always write “P.S – I like you” down the bottom. Soon enough, whenever I gave a card to any of Rosy’s family I would write “P.S – I like Rosy” down the bottom. Over the last 8 years that has not changed and there have been different variations to keep things amusing but it’s tradition now.”

The ceremony was as personal as could be. Rosy explains, “Sylvia Johnson, our civil celebrant, had some great ideas for the ceremony, to individualise it. One of those was for Tim to walk down the aisle with his parents.  Tim walked down the aisle to an edited version of “Calling you” by Blue October and Rosy walked down with her parents to ‘With my own two hands’ by Ben Harper and Jack Johnson from the Curious George soundtrack.”

The couple were married at one of the beautiful gardens in the Melbourne CBD. Rosy says “We chose the Fitzroy Gardens (Lawn 20) because of the huge Moreton Bay Fig Tree that we wanted as the back drop for the ceremony. The gardens are amazing, very relaxed and centrally located. They are also great for photos.” The floral arrangements were styled by Cecilia Fox.

Rosy says,  “The wedding is for the bride and the groom. Work on it together, put influences in it from both of you. Don’t be limited by tradition.  If the groom wants to walk down the aisle or the bride wants to make a speech etc then go for it! Just have fun with it. ”

The ceremony encapsulated the relaxed vibe the couple wanted for their wedding day. “For our ceremony we bought some picnic rugs and a few bocce sets. After the ceremony was finished, we put the rugs around the tree and had some light refreshments. Our guests mingled, sat on a picnic rug and played bocce. Rosy and I enjoy our music and going to gigs together so we spent days compiling the perfect play list to represent us and create the fun, festive vibe we wanted for the day.”

Of their photographer, Rosy says, “Brent took photos at the wedding of a professional photographer we knew. That was reassurance enough but we also sat down and discussed the type of shots we wanted. He was definitely on the same page as us. He takes amazing, candid shots and is very unobtrusive which were qualities we were after. We couldn’t be happier with the photos.”

Rosy’s bridesmaids wore gowns from Cue.

When it came to choosing vendors, the couple says, “Our philosophy with vendors was to choose people who cared about their craft and had the ideas/resources to help us get the results we wanted. Rather than telling them exactly what to do, give them ideas and see what they come up with. You may be surprised!”

Rosy and Tim chose Richmond’s Mountain Goat Brewery for their cocktail wedding reception. They explain, “We chose Mountain Goat Brewery because: a) we love beer, b) whenever we have been there, there’s always a very festive atmosphere, c) we knew if we filled it with the people we love, and added our own touch (with the help of others) it would be a night to remember.”

Simply Georgeous Occasions styled & planned the reception while Tommy Collins Catering catered the wedding. The newlyweds recall, “We had food stations throughout Mountain Goat, made from milk crates and decorated with flowers. These included a noodle bar, a burrito bar, a pizza bar and a gelati bar (very popular as it was a hot day). This created a market/festival type atmosphere that was very interactive and fun for guests to move around and explore the different stations and cuisines. There were also roving canapés. The long white tables with bench seating also meant the guests could sit down and share food with friends.”

Special Treats By Carolyn created a three tier wedding cake decorated with pink blooms and wooden birds.

Rosy describes the wedding as “Festive, interactive, colourful and highly representative of whom we are as a couple. We put a lot of effort in to make it represent who we are as a couple and put our own spin on things and it worked!”

The couple and their wedding guests used a tram to get from the ceremony to reception! They say “We got some interesting looks from commuters when we hopped on the tram! There were a few moments when we were able to stop and watch our guests simply enjoying themselves. To be at your own wedding, watching your friends and family playing bocce in the gardens, sitting on a picnic rug, hopping from food station to station, taking Polaroid pictures and dancing barefoot in a brewery was a very special memory. The speeches were very special to us. Rosy and I both spoke too, and to share our stories and how we felt about each other was very special.”

Rosy notes “Tim and the groomsmen all wore Lego men cufflinks (from Etsy) that represented each of their personalities/looks/professions.”

For their first dance, Rosy says “We had dancing lessons at Marshere Dance studios in Boronia. We started off with a slow waltz to Chris Cornell’s “Finally Forever” and then changed into a faster, fun samba to Hall and Oates’ “You make my dreams come true”.” Scott from Top Dog Entertainment  provided the music for the evening.

 Congratulations Rosy and Tim! Thank you for sharing your wedding with us! Thank you also to Brent Lukey  for sharing today’s photographs!