During Sophie & Rodney’s Southport wedding in 2009 we had arrived at the the Kerle family home and I had gone straight outside to organise some family formals while my second shooter Jodie hang about inside, observing quietly the goings on. Sophie’s father David, one of Australia’s most respected urological surgeons, and his father were in the lounge room together. David’s father was at the time suffering from Alzheimers Disease and through the day had mostly not been in total cognition. Then, without warning, he saw his son, recognised him, and shouted his name while they warmly embraced just like a father and son who had not seen each other for a long, long while.

It was one of those rare moments of unscripted humanity that you sometimes get at weddings. It was truly like a father who had not seen his son for quite a time and a son who had not seen his father as he knew him, both enjoying the warmth of their embrace. At this particular time every body in the room observed what happened. No one said anything but all were swept up in the brief exchange, tears were shed and all who were there felt grateful to be in that place right at that time.

We like to think we can capture every single piece of action, every moment and every emotion… and we almost can but we can’t be in two places at once. This is without doubt the strongest example I can offer of why a second shooter can be such an asset at a wedding, even if they are only there for a few hours. Someone to blend in and be able to observe the quieter moments and not be the primary focus. Someone who understands things the way I do but doesn’t have to shoot all the “must get” shots, can just follow a hunch and stay a little bit longer in the corner, waiting patiently…

Photography by Blue Tulip Imaging

Ms Gingham says: This is one of those moments where photography can be so magical. I imagine that it would feel like such a privilege to be able to capture this on film for others.

Ben of Blue Tulip Imaging describes himself as: “Real, honest, raw, all about the people and the little things. I shoot with my wife, we have an 18 month old who is of course the light of my life. I love my family and what I do.”