Image by Brent Lukey via Rosy and Tim’s Festive Melbourne Wedding

We do love seeing fresh ideas, ones that inspire with their creativity and flair, and keep their guests talking. There’s nothing wrong with being different as long as it has meaning and purpose. This is the truly the best way of giving your guests the most unforgettable experience.

Don’t pull together a random selection of ideas from your favourite blogs, and handmade vendors. For example, ice cream carts are great in the middle of summer on a gorgeous day, but they’ll hardly work at your outdoor ceremony in the middle of winter – and will leave your guests with very quizzical looks on their faces.

Don’t be different for the sake of it. There are no “rules” when it comes to weddings, but think carefully before you make your guests sit on blankets for pre dinner drinks in their 10 inch heels and glamorous after 5 gowns… just because you want a picnic vibe.

Do over deliver on your guest’s expectations. Most guests will remember the food and beverage service, and the entertainment. They will also remember details if they are unbelievably bad (like an officiant who gets the names of the bride and groom wrong!) Choose your reception (and your vendors!) carefully, I’ve always had more success with clients who make their guest size smaller and increase the budget per head, rather than compromise on the quality of the food and beverage service.

Do have professionals for your formalities. Speeches that go on for too long, an MC who has no experience behind the microphone, or relying on an iPod for your entertainment can be a buzz kill. You really notice the difference when you have professionals doing the work for you, and I’m always amazed at how often these things are overlooked.

Do be yourself. Guests will appreciate and notice your efforts if they are a reflection of you, as a couple. For example, a groom who is a horticulturalist gave out sunflower seeds in little sachets with personal messages. A bride at another wedding surprised her groom after her wedding speech with an African drumming group, because that’s where he proposed. These are the memories that will be lasting for your guests, and the same memories that will make your event unforgettable.

Ms Gingham says: I think this is such a valid post and great advice for everyone planning their wedding. Before you start ordering things to include in your wedding, sit down with your partner and agree on a theme and feel and then practice restraint! Remember, less is more and make sure it all ties in together and makes sense!

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