Milk glass vessels are such pretty pieces to add to your wedding decor. But let’s face it: the cost of collecting enough vintage originals (especially if you want that gorgeous clustered centpiece look for every table) is really going to add up.

Here’s an easy way to recreate the look at a fraction of the cost.

You will need:

  • Various cheap vases, jugs and dishes (ask your mum or grandma if they have any they don’t want, and hit up garage sales and op shops)
  • Dimensional paint (not puff paint – you want something that dries hard or else you’ll have puffy blobs falling into your guests’ prawn cocktail)
  • Gloss white spray paint

1. Carefully create dot patterns with the dimensional paint (mix it up with different patterns for a more authentic look). Repeat with remaining vessels (you may need to take breaks as the painting will tire out your hand). Allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Place vases in a large cardboard box (to contain overspray) in a well-ventilated area and coat with a couple of coats of spray paint.

The dot painting might be a little fiddly but with a bit of concentration it’s not difficult. Overall an easy and cost effective way to achieve milk glass en masse.

Styling: White Room Events / Venue: Tin Cat Cafe

Photography by Alicia Parsons

Ms Gingham says: Love, love, love this! Great idea!

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