There is more to a dessert buffet than just heaping a whole lot of sweets onto a table. For this reason, The Party Studio, along with Sophisticated Yum, Spoon & Fork Cookies & Cakes and Zsa Zsa’s Delights are coming together for a one day hands on workshop that will help you create your own personalised dessert table.

This workshop is perfect for those who are on a tight budget or for those who would really like to be involved in every aspect of their wedding.

You will spend the day learning how to make desserts such as cake pops and cookies, and how to style these together on a table with the help of The Party Studio and Sophisticated Yum. Come with your theme ideas as there will be time for you to talk through some of your concepts with these professionals. Class sizes are small to ensure that everyone receives personalised attention. We’re so excited about this event and we hope to see you all there for a day of inspiration, ideas and hands on knowledge.

In the meantime, to get you started on your dessert table creation, here are a few styling tips:

Tip #1: Gather inspiration – use you and your partner’s personalities, your wedding invitations, your reception venue or just a beautiful image for inspiration. Whether it be based on colours, the beach or your love of rock’n’roll, whatever it is, this will help you start with the design of your table.

Tip #2: Sketch – put pencil to paper, or finger to iPad and draw a sketch of how you envisage your table to look. Include different heights on the table and make sure that it balances out nicely on paper.

Tip #3: Collect props – be on the lookout for props wherever you go! It’s amazing how you can find the perfect prop when you least expect it.

Image via Sophisticated Yum

Dessert tables and lolly buffets are one of the trends that have hit the wedding industry in the last year or so. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a lavish spread of desserts and lollies, carefully laid out to tantalise your eyes as well as your taste buds? These eye-capturing tables are also often used to replace the more traditional bonbonierre as guests are given a little bag or box which they can fill with yummy goodies at the end of the evening. So whether you decide to hire a professional or do it yourself, a dessert table or lolly buffet is bound to wow your guests and bring out the kid in any guest!

Ms Gingham: It sounds like such a great workshop and of course you could use the skills gained here to style your future children’s birthday parties too! A very handy skill believe me!

Pauline from The Party Studio says: “Ultimately, we know it’s not just about “the things on the table”, it’s about creating lasting memories. At The Party Studio, we help you to set the scene, to create the perfect day to enjoy with the people most special to you. And that’s surely something worth celebrating.