Sally and Michael’s third part to their European honeymoon is the inspiration behind this collection of 6 Things To Love. It’s all about Rome!

1. The Colosseum – Built in 80AD and capable of seating 50,000 spectators, it was the arena used to host gladiatorial contests, executions and also the venatio. This was an event in which hundreds of wild animals including elephants, lions, bears and camels (to name a few) were realeased in the arena and hunted by the “bestiarius” (hunters of wild beasts). This was done as a form of  entertainment and also as an exhibition of the power of the Roman Empire.  Image from What’s On In Rome Blog.

2. Via Margutta Roma – The Artist’s Street – Located in Campo Marzio this is a small shopper’s paradise right in the heart of Rome. Full of local businesses you will find unique products ranging from handmade leather articles, vintage furniture from the 1920s and a Gianni Bulgari store. Keep walking and you arrive at the renowned Spanish Steps. Image from What’s On In Rome Blog.

3. Ice Cream – Home to some of the most renowned ice cream parlours such as the Gelateria San Crispino offering flavours such as ricotta, chestnut with rum, lime, armagnac or cinnamon and ginger. Other poplular places to get your ice cream fix in Rome include the Gelateria Fior di Luna, Bar San Calisto and the Gelateria del Teatro. Image from What’s On In Rome Blog.

4. San Pellegrino Mineral Water – What meal would be complete without this iconic Italian beverage? Image via San Pellegrino

5. The Opera – The Teatro Dell’Opera Di Roma produces ballets, concerts and opera and is definitely worth visiting if you love the performing arts. Check out the website for current productions and to book your tickets. Image from What’s On In Rome Blog

6. Carlo Menta Talevi Luigi e Luciano Restaurant – Looking for a good and inexpensive eatery to sample the local cuisine after all the sightseeing? This restaurant is highly regarded by the locals and tourists alike. Image via Trip Advisor