Photo by Bernadette Cording

I only met Bernadette for the first time a couple of weeks ago, she was doing the bride’s makeup at a wedding I was shooting. She impressed me so much, firstly because she looked great! I think this is really important because it gives a bride confidence… they’ll think “oh she looks hot, so she’ll have no trouble making me look hot too”. Secondly she was super fast which is a skill that many makeup artists lack without getting sloppy. Then most importantly she did a wonderful job on the makeup. I was with the bride all day and her makeup stayed perfect ceremony through reception. I can’t recommend Bernadette enough, she is a true professional and such a lovely person to have contributing to your wedding day.

Ms Gingham says: Another fantastic recommendation from an extremely reliable source. Thanks so much for contributing Amanda.

About Amanda of Thorson Photography: Relationships are the most important thing we have in life. The people we surround ourselves with love us, even if we are big nerds. I want to capture these relationships either by portrait or on your wedding day. Not as insincere, fake images that don’t even look like you, but as honest refections of your love and connection to one another.