Good morning Dotties! Did you have a lovely weekend?

Time to kick off our week with a spotlight on the members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Our wedding directory has such unique and incredible vendors- unique items to hire for your wedding, talented, inspiring wedding photographers, delicious and beautiful wedding cakes, and inspiring wedding stationery.. and really that’s only the beginning!

Creative floral design is one of my favourite things (let’s face it, I just love weddings so something creative is always going to tickle my fancy!) So I’m happy to introduce to you Lina from Chanele Rose Flowers and Styling as this week’s vendor of the week!

Lina and her team are not only talented floral designers, but they’re stylists too- helping you pull together the elements of your wedding into one cohesive look.

Based in Sydney, Lina and her team love to do something different- so there’s plenty of unique elements like pods, husks and vines in their floral work. It’s easy to see how the team can create different and beautiful floral arrangements and styling ideas for your wedding day.

We asked Lina from Chanele Rose Flowers and Styling five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

Vodka with cranberry juice & fresh passionfruit!

Your favourite weekend getaway?


Favourite restaurant?

Prasits on Crown – Surry Hills ( Best Thai restaurant!)

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

When I am not rushing out the door for work you might find me eating strawberry pancakes!

Your favourite wedding story?

My favourite story would have to be of the Wedding Proposal of Phil to Julie (who happens to be my little cousin).
This story has got to make your heart flutter!
It all started with a little note Julie found one day at home that said, “Julie get your bags packed I have arranged for you to take time off work. We depart tomorrow morning.”
Sure enough Phil had been planning this amazing European trip for months before hand without Julie knowing any of it!
Along the trip Julie kept finding little romantic notes explaining what was going to happen next. At every country there was a note to Julie from Phil – the most touching, fuzzy, heartfelt love notes..
These notes finally led to the lead up of the big proposal – on the Eiffel tower, no less!
The notes did not stop there – they continued right until the end of the adventure with a final “Home sweet home- to be home with my fiancée, one day the mother of my children.”
It was the sweetest most romantic story I have heard.
There are so many more details in this story and trust me when I say Phil did not miss a beat!
I especially love that these little notes are now kept and cherished and can be later shared with their family, friends and one day their kids.
I was so honoured to be Julie’s bridesmaid earlier this year for their magical wedding day and also be able to put together the gorgeous wedding flowers & decorations for them also.
The wedding was so beautiful and everybody had an absolute blast!

Visit Chanele Rose Flowers and Styling’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Chanele Rose Flowers and Styling is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory