Editors note: I thought these looked great, Mr Polka however disagreed and decided to redo every single letter for me. So make sure you twist the string very tight or your pedantic beloved may do the very same thing.

In 2010 I bought these fantastic wire letters from Typo at CottonOn with the dream of doing many a creative thing with them! We did a few different concepts with them and today I’m sharing with you our string version.

I love these as they suit a rustic wedding or a natural style like a beach wedding. The kitchen string is really cheap and effective but you can easily swap it with string or twine in the colour of your choice.

What you’ll need:

Step One

Starting on a corner, knot your string tight. You will be winding the string over the excess so just make it nice and tight. Then start wrapping the string around the wire.

Step Two:

As you get to each corner, continue to loop around. Don’t worry if your wire corners show- it adds to the homemade look!

Make sure your wrapping is very tight or it tends to look chunky.

Step Four:

Tie ribbon to the top of your letters, looping so they sit straight.

These would look brilliant on doors to your church, the backdrop of your reception table, behind your ceremony, on a tree in the garden or even without the ribbon, leaning against your cake table.

Photography by Polka Dot Bride

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Ms Gingham says: These ones are surprisingly effective. You can add more decorations or play with other colours of string but the simplicity of these are very nice.