I can’t believe another month has passed and it’s time again for Polka Dot Hot Spot! Any nagging problems? things you want to get off of your chest? get an opinion on? Leave me a comment!
Today’s hot spot is all about the groom. I’ve been reading a lot about grooms lately. From publications that give Groom’s a tiny page and tell the bride “Don’t bother him with small decisions” to Mr Polka Dot’s post “The Invisible Groom” and it has me thinking a lot. Involving the groom, or should I say not acting like he is just an accessory has always been really important for me (which is part of the reason we launched a dedicated site for grooms two years ago). I suppose my thought has always been that two people come into a relationship and therefore two people are equal parts of a wedding celebration.

There are definitely some things that grooms aren’t particularly going to be interested in and the same can be said for brides. But I want to know from you- what do you think? Has your groom been equally involved? Has he been frustrated by the lack of information for him? Or could he care less? (I say he but whether it’s a she, a he, or something else the point remains).