The story of Stewart’s wedding ring (from his marriage to Claire, see more of the wedding on Polka Dot Bride) is a beautiful one, one that needs sharing.

Stewart recounts the tale. “When my grandmother and grandfather got married about 85 years ago, they could not afford a good wedding band for him. On their 25th wedding anniversary, my grandmother, who had been saving for years, finally purchased a ring. However, after only one week, he lost the ring whilst gardening, despite extensive searching.

Forward to August 2011, both grandparents have since passed, and I am searching for my own wedding band. I receive a call from an Auntie to tell me that the elderly lady who still lives next door to my grandparents old house, has just found a ring in the garden that she remembers as being my grandfather’s. She asks me if I, being the last unmarried grandson, would like to have the ring. I do, and now wear my Grandfather’s brand new, very old ring.”

Photo by Jonathan Wherrett