Ahhhh…the Hen’s night.

The only appropriate time to celebrate with penis straws, male strippers, blow up dolls and all other sorts of naughty assortments that your bridesmaids WILL find!

And although there are so many options to celebrate your ‘last night as a single woman’  Spa day, high tea, dinner and movies… my bridesmaids knew that the best way to celebrate the fact I was about to get married, was the cheeky way.

My Hen’s night was burlesque themed with corsets, fishnets, feather boa’s and fake eyelashes.

Amongst the flowing champagne, potent punch, giggles and half naked bartender, the girls had arranged for:

  • Two burlesque dancers as entertainment. They taught us the art of teasing a man, how to pose and some sultry dance moves which to my surprise were very tasteful but still flirty fun!
  • A fun little game for us to play. ‘Post It’ was a truly memorable game that involved everyone. Each person had one post it note and had to write in one sentence a memory they had of the bride (me!). The post-its were then stuck on the wall and I to pick them off and read them one by one, guessing who had written the note and tell the story out loud. I have kept every post it and still read over them.

I smile when I think back to my hen’s night and more so when I see a gaggle of girls giggling their way around the city in their heels and their bride-to-be apparel. Just like your wedding day, your hen’s night will flash before your eyes so let your hair down and enjoy every moment.

Ms Gingham says: Whether you celebrate in an intimate gathering or do it the cheeky way, the hen’s night is an excuse to get together with all your girlfriends and have fun! Emma and her entourage look like they had an absolute ball! Love the Post It game idea!

Emma says: “My name is Emma and I’ll soon be marrying my best friend Alex. Music has been always be much of my life but I also adore our kitten and ice-cream! I am excitedly counting down until our big day and soaking in inspiration from the love stories of others to make it as memorable as possible.”

Emma and Alex’s Engagement Shoot