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You may not be overly interested in helping with all the finer details of the wedding planning, but this new wedding trend is sure to spark your interest! Consider bringing an uber-cool, rat-pack vibe to your reception by creating a sophisticated and elegant man-cave. The idea of setting up a classic drinks and cigar station is fast gaining popularity at wedding receptions… and you can see why… they are super-cool.

When planning your gentleman’s lounge it’s important that you first contact your venue and discuss a suitable position, generally outdoors or on a patio area away from non-smokers is best. If styling and setting up your bar on your own, think about including things like cigar cutters, classy lighters or matches, ash trays that will hold a thick cigar… and then the drinks. Choose a selection of beverages that pair well with cigars, like cognac, scotch, rum, brandy and even coffee. Add a few small bowls of snacks to complete your bar setting. To add a real personalized touch, consider having customized cigar bands and match boxes, or a fabulous lighter (which can double as a favor for your male guests).

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DIY Match Books by Papermade

You really can make your bar as individual as you like. The main thing is that you leave all the guys feeling like they are at the coolest hang out in town.

Ms Gingham says: It looks like the newest wedding trend is all about the boys (and girls in some cases)! Taking this one step further, I have seen people hiring professional cigar rollers to roll cigars at their wedding too!

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