We were fortunate enough to film the construction of Natasha and Brett’s wedding cake who married on 11 November 2011.

The talented Denise Bebbington created this amazing cake which was a 14 tier Cinderella cake complete with horse and carriage, glass slipper, arched gazebo and castle.  The five tiered sections were joined together with staircases and one section of the tiers even held the bride and groom’s champagne glasses!

If you would like to see how Denise’s beautiful creation comes together please watch the video below.  Enjoy!

Video by Stellar Visions


Ms Gingham says: I love seeing cake decorators at work. They make it look so easy! I always finish decorating a cake standing in a kitchen that’s a disaster zone with icing sugar in my hair and food colouring on my nose! Some things are best left to the talented professionals!