It’s Desperately Seeking April! Which means its time to dig out those little black books of wedding resources and help out with strange and wonderful queries! Check this months queries to see if you can help and if you are desperately seeking something drop me a line with “Desperately Seeking” in the subject line and we’ll publish you in May’s edition!

Bride #1 is looking for tan/camel coloured suits x 4. To buy (within budget constraints), or hire near Central Western NSW.

Bride #2 is looking for a rustic venue that will allow her a barn style or garden wedding (Fig trees) close to Wollongong NSW.

Bride #3 is looking for fun & useful ideas for wedding favors.

Bride #4 is desperately seeking a necklace for her wedding that goes with chandelier earrings. She’s looking for something cute and unique for her vintage carnival wedding.

Bride #5 is marrying in Berry, NSW on the 1st of September 2012. She’s desperately seeking a band to play at her reception. She’s looking for an indie or all rounder style cover band to dance to (rather than a blues/roots/folks band) They’ll settle for a great DJ as well!