Rain rain go away, please come back another day! Most couples escape to the sunshine here in Queensland hoping for outdoor weddings under big blue skies… and dread bad weather on their big day! However, in this climate it’s often hard to predict when it is going to rain.

In my book though, it’s a nice day for a wet wedding especially if you have a wet-weather back up plan! If you are planning on getting married especially around Summer time here on the Sunshine Coast and further north in tropical Queensland (possible cyclone season), it’s important to make sure you have alternative undercover locations. It’s worth talking about it to your wedding vendors, especially the photographer for alternative ‘dry’ locations.

Be positive and expect the best outcome, but always be prepared for the worst too – then you are covered and stress free either way! Some useful pointers include:

  • Make sure that your videographer and photographers carry fully waterproof equipment to protect their gear and your wedding film. If you are confined to an indoor location, talk to the photographer first about bringing the appropriate lighting.
  • Most good wedding planners and suppliers carry a few extra umbrellas which is really handy too and they make great props for some fun images.

  • In really windy weather, it might be worth re-thinking your hair-do and have a removable veil just so you are not fighting getting bits out of your face the whole time!
  • If the rain really sets in for the day and you really, really had your heart set on beach shots, then maybe talk to your photographer about finishing earlier and postponing the photo shoot until another time. It may not always be possible if you’ve come from far away or are jetting off on your honeymoon, but even the next day might work for you if you are dead keen on beach shots…. just like an engagement shoot but the other way round!
  • There always seem to be little breaks during the day, and more often than not, it is possible to get outside for a few shots – and they can be stunning, with moody skies and blustery veils! Don’t forget – its your day and it will be special nonetheless, some couples who have braved the weather have shown that it does nothing to dampen spirits, on the contrary, they have made for such memorable days!

I’ve been really happy with the results from our wet weddings and have had some great feedback to date.

Photography by AKA Weddings

MS Gingham says: A very current issue with all the flooding going on around the country at the moment. Be prepared and don’t ignore the issue. I have to say though, wet weather photography is full of such beauty and emotion that rain may be a blessing in disguise!

About Katja: “I am a professional photographer based on the sunny coast in QLD. My background is in media and photojournalism especially wildlife & travel. I have relished breaking into weddings and enjoy not only the photography but other aspects too – hence why I’d love to write and help brides-to-be with some other tips for their day! I do a variety of photography from commercial and portraiture to weddings which is the bulk of my business.”