Inspired by this gorgeous post on Grace Santorini earlier in the week and a long conversation with Ms Gingham (who has spent much of her life there!) about Greece this week, here are six things to love about the beautiful country!

I am 100% sure I will not do this country justice, so I know Ms Gingham will be along with even more travel tips and help shortly!

1. The hidden coves with incredible views (Kalimera from Skopelos isl. Sporades)

2.  The colour! Beneath the most vivid blue skies you will ever see, are the white buildings, the blue doors, the blue roofs. Greece isn’t one to shy away and nothing says Greece more than the iconic blue and white. (Photo by MarcelGermain)

3. The steep cliffs scattered with incredible architecture (Photo by MarcelGermain)

4. The coffee! Greek coffee? it’s my thing! I possibly make it quite terribly in my little copper handheld pot over the stove on Sunday mornings. but I love a cup of good, thick Greek coffee (Coffeepot from Greek Internet Market)

5. The fresh seafood, fine wines and sunshine overlooking the views (Nammos Restaurant By the Sea)

6. The incredible bright white buildings and historic architecture are a sight to behold and most are overlooking those incredible views (did I mention the views? This is Cavo Tagoo)