It’s time for our second Polka Dot Hot Spot! Today, on this cold Friday, I thought I’d talk about family dynamics. Wedding are notorious for being hothouses of emotion and I think nowhere is this more evident that with families-. There’s the joining of two families, the financial pressures, the feelings that are so easy to turn sour and the baggage that has been held close for years suddenly coming flooding out.

I think too, I’ve found the interesting dynamic with parents. While couples feel this is the first big step towards their life together as a family, often mums and dads see this as the last big project. It makes for some head on crashes!

So tell me, what family dynamic surprised you the most when it came to your wedding plans? What relationships were under strain and how did you deal with it? I’d love to learn lessons, what has helped you, what hasn’t and how wedding plans impacted your relationships.