Lolly tables have been all the rage at weddings in recent years and with good reason too. They are fun and cute, and after all, ‘Love is sweet’! Here’s a little twist on the lolly theme; customised lollybag bonbonniere. It is easier to coordinate on the day and adds a handmade touch to your gift for your guests.

You will need:

  • Hole punch (I used one with a 2mm punch)
  • Scissors
  • Kraft paper bag
  • Button
  • Gift tag
  • Needle
  • Baker’s twine
  • Stamps
  • Ink pad
  • Lollies

First step is to customise your bags and tags. I used some vintage stamps that I sourced from a second hand store and others that I bought online. You could also hand letter a message to your guests. This is where you get to thank your guests for attending your special day, so make it  personal from the two of you.

Add the lollies of your choice. Here I have chosen lollies that are all packaged so that the bags can be prepared ahead of time with no risk of spoilage. We chose a mix of retro lollies that were sourced online for a bit of a trip down memory lane and to get a laugh out of friends.

Fold the top of the bag over neatly making sure that none of the lollies are caught in the fold. You will want to leave about three centimetres on the fold so that you can thread your twine through for a nice finish. Punch a hole through all the layers on both sides of the bag about a centimetre from where the fold meets the bag.

To thread the tag on to the bag first make one pass through one of the button holes, then through the tag, followed by one side of the bag. Pass the thread around the back of the bag and through the second hole, following with the tag again and finally, the button.

 Snip your baker’s twine with about 10cm on each tail and tie in a neat bow. Be careful not to pull too tight or you will crumple up the bag, but remember that you need it to be tight enough that the lollies are unable to escape.

There you have it! It is much easier to make many of these if you set up a bit of a production line; stamp all the bags, stamp all the tags, drop the lollies in one kind at a time etc. The part that can’t really be done this way is threading all the bits and pieces together, but it gets easier after the first few.

If you choose pre-packaged lollies you can prepare these weeks ahead to save yourself any stress in the lead up to the wedding. Lollybags are also much easier to transport and require far less set up on the day than a lolly table will, so if you are pressed for time in setting up your venue or can’t find someone to set up that table just how you want it, this might be a good solution. Depending on your lolly selection they can be fairly inexpensive bonbonniere, these came in at about $2.50 each. Love is sweet!

Photography by Nat of Dear Little House

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Ms Gingham says: A pretty idea and a lovely way of sweetening up those guests! Thanks for this great tutorial Nat!

About Nat: Nat is a true collector. It is a habit, a joy and a necessity, and- perhaps most importantly- a magnificent pass time. Over the years she has developed her eclectic, quirky style and honed her shopping (scavenging, rescuing, re-inventing) down to a fine art. The world of vintage treasures and forgotten, abused pieces of history provides enough intrigue and mystery to keep her travelling on this never-ending search for little pieces of lovely.

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