Laurine and Adam

Long time readers know I adore winter, so I couldn’t resist sharing this cold weather engagement shoot with you on this weekday. Just to get you a little excited about the Autumn splendors that’s on our doorstep! it comes from the dynamic duo that is Woodnote Photography. (The two flutter between the US and Australia and are open for bookings in Australia from November to January so get in quick!).

The lovely Caroline of Woodnote Photography, shares Laurine and Adam’s story. “Adam and Laurine met as kids, really.  Laurine at 17, and Adam, a mature art student in Melbourne.  (As a side note, Adam is a well-known Melbourne artist, see his website here) After interacting at church casually for two years, they began the occasional coffee dates, which turned in to a weekly event.  Laurine, a  cinema student, was wooed by Adam’s knowledge of movie quotes and love of art, and Adam was taken by Laurine’s fascination with art and interest in travel.

“Their relationship truly blossomed when they decided to travel to India together.  They spent a month volunteering in an orphanage in remote India, where they were both impressed by the others’ positivity, even outside of the comfort of their own city.”

“Adam always said he’d lost the note that Laurine first slipped him across the aisle at church one day, back when she was 17… That was until 5 years later, Laurine found herself blindfolded, and being driven to the Mount Macedon Memorial Cross.  That evening, Adam slipped an envelope into her hand, the envelope held the original note that she had written to him.

Along with the note, Adam gave Laurine a Dinosaur Designs ring and asked her if she would take him to be her husband.  Later, the couple had designer jeweler Matt Wynne craft a more traditional engagement ring for Laurine.”

“These photos were taken in the Macedon Mountain Ranges, which is a significant location for the couple, as it is where they got engaged, and where they currently reside. “