A pre-shoot or save-the-date video/photo shoot prior to your wedding can have some great advantages! Here are four reasons why.

1. It is a great way to develop confidence in front of the camera so you will feel relaxed with it on your wedding day. It is also an excellent way for you and your photographer/video producer to get a great vibe going and helps them to get to know what you respond to, your best side and how to get the best shots out of you.

2. You may be able to go to a location that may have some significant meaning to you both and which you may not have time to include on your wedding day.

3. You can use the shots online to hype your day, or for making a guest signing book.

4. When people can see how great your shots will be, they are more likely to accept the camera at your wedding.

Your pre-shoot should be fun! It’s a bit like a shoot rehearsal for you and your fiancé. So get inspired, and enjoy it like the couple below did!


Stills photography by Rob Dose Photographer

Video by Stellar Visions

Ms Gingham says: Such a cute video! I also love the idea of using the shots to hype your day. You can be so creative with this… think place cards, favor tags, guest book, save the date cards… you’re only limited by your imagination.