I am always a fan of the gorgeous bold jewels from Elva Fields and the newest collection- ‘Living History’ embodies jewel like colours. Designer Emily Wheat Maynard was inspired by the vintage pieces she includes in each design and her love of all things natural. Personally, I think these make for a beautiful wedding day accessory (perhaps adding colour to a simple gown, switching out a traditional style necklace for something fun and bold at the reception and even for your bridesmaids).

I love the range of bridal whites Emily has incorporated into the new collection- from bleached wooden discs, pearls, glass and and textured stones. They’re set off by vintage rhinestone brooches, vintage earrings and bold brooches. I can never go past the injection of colour though- vivid African blues, citrus yellows and sherbet oranges.

Elva Fields consists of three lines. June (limited edition earrings), Elva (necklaces made from a mix of vintage and new elements) and Deb (eco one-of-a-kind necklaces made from entirely vintage components) and then there’s my favourite- the custom, one of a kind option where the Elva Fields team design a piece (or a set of pieces!) to compliment your personal wedding style.