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Image via Michelle Rago

Hello! I am wondering if you have any ideas or tips for pew decorations? I absolutely loathe the typical white ribbon/chiffon bow with flowers so I’m looking for something different. I was originally going to tie a branch of cherry/plum blossoms with a bit of ribbon and twine, but I’m having trouble finding a supplier of the right type of cherry blossom spray/branch. Any ideas?
What a lovely fresh idea to use cherry blossoms! One idea ( a little out of left field, I know) is to find cherry, peach orchards around your area and ask the farmer if your florist or family member could come and cut some small branches (with their supervision) to use at your wedding. This would only be possible in the spring of course! Gather in smaller bunches with (jasmine and ivy perhaps) and tie with grosgrain ribbon, or twine or even a thinner piece of hessian if your wedding is a little rustic in theme. Point the branches towards the floor of the chapel, even touching the floor.

Alternatively, if the chapel has wide window sills you could put decorative urns or vases there with cherry blossoms, instead of attaching anything to the pews. It will still give the feel of a decorated ‘aisle’.
Another idea is to buy lots of ribbon and silk or paper cherry blossoms to the ribbons (see below for ideas). They don’t need to be crammed with blossom, but simply done to give the overall effect of a cascade of blossom. Another more ornate arrangement could be attached to either side of the chapel entrance or above the door. Sinamay ribbon from millinery suppliers is also an interesting ribbon to use, as well as wire edged ribbon from places like Spotlight.

In any of the above designs, you could include strings of crystals (or faceted glass beads) to add sparkle. The crystals, paper or silk flowers could also be attached to real or artificial branches, again pointing towards the floor. Artificial ones can look quite effective and can be manipulated into any shape you desire.

If you decide to go with the ‘fake’ silk flowers and branches, do not attempt to make them look ‘real’, but style them so they give an effect rather than copying a real cherry blossom branch. Have fun with it and don’t get too hung up. Use the pews as a chance to establish your theme which you could then embellish more for your reception.
Good luck with it all- let me know how you go!

Images via Martha Stewart Weddings