Shannon and Adam

Imagine taking over a theme park for your engagement photographs? That’s exactly what Shannon and Adam did, they headed to Magic Mountain in Columbus, Ohio and spent three hours playing mini golf, dodgem cars and having fun together! Today’s photos are by Connection Photography.

Shannon says “We were both away at college, one of us in Ohio and the other in Pennsylvania when we began talking over Facebook and AIM. Our moms have worked together at a dentist office in our hometown for nearly 15 years so we knew each other growing up but had not talked since middle school. The next three weeks we spent texting and chatting online to get to know each other better. ”

Adam chimes in “Our first date was one of those where everything went wrong, but we had a blast anyways. Shannon was late as always and we missed our first movie time and ended up going to a local bar to wait until another movie time. When we went back to the movie theater the movie was sold out, so we decided to go see another movie called Doomsday. The movie was terrible, but it provides a good laugh looking back. Over the next few years we had a long distance relationship, seeing each other on weekends and holidays and enjoying our college experiences together. ”

Adam says “When it was getting close to our 3 year anniversary, I knew I wanted to finally ask Shannon to marry me. I had an idea to make cards and stations in our apartment telling “Our Story.” In these cards I explained how we met, how we started dating, our feelings, what we have been through, and hopefully where we are heading. I spent all day writing up these cards, getting flowers, and tealight candles to set up the apartment. When I got home I set up 12 stages around our apartment with a card and roses at each. When Shannon was 5 minutes away from home I started lightening the candles in the bedroom that spell out “Marry Me.” Shannon called and said she was beside the apartment complex and all of a sudden the smoke alarms start going off in the house and I freaked out. I ran out, jumped and pulled all the smoke alarms out of the ceiling and ran back into my spot where I was hiding. Shannon walked in and started reading the cards and I was in the other room on one knee with Birdie (our dog) and her ring. When she walked in I asked her to marry me. She said yes and we had our first kiss being engaged. We spent the rest of the night calling everyone to announce the news!”

“I love Shannon because she is the most kind, gentle, friendly, giving person I know. I cannot wait to see her everyday, and I hate being away from her. I love the way she treats me, my family, her family. I love how we share so many interests and just enjoy being around each other. One of the main things is I love how she is willing to put me first ahead of her, it just shows what kind of person Shannon is.”

Shannon says “Adam is one of the best men I know. He is easy to talk to, makes you laugh, and he’s handsome and smart. I love the way he loves me, our dog, and our families (especially my nieces and nephew). I love that we both have our separate interests and we enjoy bonding other them. He is my best friend and I cannot wait to travel, grow, and experience all that life has to offer with him beside me”

“Joseph and Andrea (Connection Photography) are college friends of ours. Because of knowing each other for over 3 years now, they know us pretty well. We had spent a day at Magic Mountain in Columbus, OH together years ago, and the idea came up to take our pictures there. With Adam being a golfer, we thought it would be fun to putt-putt and play games because it fits our personalities. We spent over 3 hours that day taking pictures, playing, eating, and just spending time with Andrea & Joseph at Magic Mountain and we really think that the pictures turned out great because we were just being ourselves. The style of our engagement session was all Joseph & Andrea – their creative eye and ideas made the day fun and easy!”