The brand new collection from bridal accessories beauty Kristi Bonnici is about to make it’s very stylish debut and I have to say, although this collection features no polka dot veils, I do think it may just be one of my favourites!

Called “Sometimes A Whisper Is Enough”, the collection was inspired by “quiet, enduring love affairs, the ones that don’t need to scream it from the roof tops or declare it with grand gestures, the kind of love that is happy to hold hands under the table”

The new collection pays homage to this quiet beauty. Simple pieces with incredible beading, interesting shapes and fabrics and something a little more when you look closer. Kristi’s focus on detailed beading is different to her previous collections, but adds a little glamour and is especially beautiful as we head into the cooler months for Autumn & winter weddings.

Along with her signature capes and hair pieces, Kristi has also introduced belts with this collection and used an array of immensely beautiful fabrics- Chantilly lace, satins, failles and more. Kristi and her team hand bead all pieces in Sydney (home grown, which I love!)

Images by Kristi Bonnici