Tim and Katie

I woke up early on our wedding day to the sound of rain. I knew what was ahead; thunderstorms and steady showers. It was 5 am and I’d slept well. I wasn’t nervous nor excited – I was ready. I had waited a long time to become Tim’s wife. We started dating 10 years earlier, where we quickly became each others best friend.

I bought my Mariana Hardwick dress, Alan Pinkus shoes and veil second hand. It was the first (and only) dress that I tried on and it fit like a glove. As it didn’t need any alterations at all, I knew that it was meant to be! I bought my handmade sash from Sarah Hancock, via Etsy. Our hair was done by Alison Brundell and makeup by Neeley Nolan, while I bought my hairpiece from Mimco. The bridesmaids just looked stunning in their mismatched dresses (Seduce and Forever New), and their hair, jewellery and shoes all tied the look together. I was so impressed with how well it all came together!

Our photographer was the down-to-earth Laura Manariti, who I couldn’t speak more highly of!

We chose to get married at Overnewton Castle and were lucky enough to move our ceremony location from the wet garden to the stunning Victorian room at the last minute.

As the ceremony music started, Mum and Dad moved forward, followed by the bridesmaids. When I turned the corner to walk up the aisle I felt my first hit of butterflies. To see over 100 people in the room smiling at me was out of this world. Walking up the aisle by myself was one of the best decisions that I made. It was a little bit nerve-racking but it was my choice to marry Tim and my journey to make. He met me a short way down the aisle, took my hand, gave me a kiss and we walked the rest of the way together.

Our ceremony was short but emotional. Tim’s vows were beautiful and I’ll never forget looking at his face while the celebrant spoke. Our vows brought smiles, laughs and tears for our guests. Although Tim and I hadn’t seen each others vows, they were both very similar in words and meaning.

Our kiss was very emotional also – we just couldn’t stop! We were both so happy with what had just happened and we stayed in each others arms kissing for what felt like hours. When we finally did stop, our guests yelled out ‘more, more!’.

Entering the reception was another surreal moment; seeing everyone standing and clapping for us was amazing. I remember leading Tim through the tables towards our place. Walking through the crowd was like walking through a maze and I was the only one who knew right the way out. I was confident and happy.

I handmade a lot of our decorations, such as the invites, fans/programs,signs, cupcake toppers/place cards and the seating chart. Our cupcakes were made by a friend and our cake topper was from Etsy seller mudcards.

For our last dance, we asked the DJ to play New York by Frank Sinatra. As Tim and I stood in the centre of the dance floor, a giant group quickly formed around us (entirely unintentional). We danced while the guests started kicking their legs out to the song. That was one of my favourite parts of our wedding day. That little, unexpected moment of joy where everyone was there for US is what made for a wonderful finale to a fantastic day.

Our departure from our wedding was romantic, and definitely picture worthy. The bridesmaids handed out sparklers for a sparkler send-off which I thought might end badly due to the combination of alcohol and fire! However everything went to plan and the pictures looked stunning!

There was plenty of dancing, eating and drinking throughout the night, but I don’t think anyone had as much fun as Tim and I. It was our day and ours alone. It was pure love. It was an amazing day, and the rain didn’t spoil a thing.

Photography by Laura Manariti

Ms Gingham says: It’s just pure, unadulterated joy on the faces of Katie and Tim. I love the first photo for effect and the last for the mood. Just the ticket for Valentine’s day!

Katie says: “During the week, I work in HR for a fun and fantastic IT company. On the weekends, I’m exercising, baking, crafting, DIYing and home decorating. My husband makes me smile and I lose track of time when I’m reading a good book! I value loyalty, non-judgement and love and believe that the purpose of life is to live happy!”

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