I love having an opportunity to do weddings in native blooms. ‘Native’ doesn’t always mean endemic to Australia. Many of the varieties we think of as “Australian natives”, for instance proteas, actually originated in South Africa and South America, but their distant relatives could be traced back to the original supercontinent Gondwana that joined with Australia until some 200 million years ago. However, these hardy species have adapted beautifully to the Australian growing conditions and require little intervention and maintenance in the same way as hothouse grown varieties.

The arch above for Emma and Ben was a highlight of the last wedding season and featured leucospermum cordifolia and eucalypt, mixed up with roses, smokebush and chrysanthemum. This Emu Bottom Homestead wedding is featured in the current edition of Real Weddings Style Guide, which demonstrates Emma’s distinct styling flair for capturing a unique Aussie vibe.

Native themed floral chandeliers above long tables at Zonzos again add vibrancy and scent and complement the landscape of rolling vineyards and eucalypt covered mountains in the distance. The Buttonholes featured natives, with a dash of Northern hemisphere spring.

The October bouquets of mixed natives were just so PRETTY AUSSIE.

Photography by Blooming Brides

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Ms Gingham says: Rita joins us again with Part 3 of her 5 part series on Australian Natives. I love the way the natives can be combined with classic blooms like roses to soften the effect.

We asked Rita what her favourite wedding story was: Any story that ends with “and they lived happily ever after, thanks to a whole lot of patience, kindness, tolerance and flowers from Blooming Brides!”

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