From the ultra formal (white tie) to today’s formality, black tie. Dress codes for the guys are a little more clear cut than for females. Here’s a quick guide to ensure you get your look down perfectly.

Black tie in the most formal sense requires males to wear a tuxedo – the full getup should include a white, french cuffed shirt and cuff links, a black bow tie and black dress shoes. For the “black tie optional” dress code, the gentlemen, unless wearing a tuxedo should still wear a dark suit with white shirt.

1. Photo by Marcus Bell of Studio Impressions from Claire and Tom’s Wedding 2. Photo by Jonathan Ong from Julie and Matt’s Wedding 3. Photo by Feather + Stone Photography from Sarah and Stewart’s Wedding 4. Photo by Taryn Kent from Kym and Scott’s Palm Beach Wedding 5. Photo by Elisse Hassey from Belinda and Joseph’s Wedding 6 Photo by Jonas Peterson from Jane and Bernie’s Wedding