It’s been such a long time since we did our last desperately seeking post that I thought it would be the perfect third new column to introduce to Polka Dot Weddings. Our last Brides Seeking (as it was formerly known!) had so much response that I wanted to bring it back and here we are! If you can help any of the queries in the post just leave a comment, or if you have a ‘desperately seeking’ of your own, leave a comment or contact us and we’ll pop it into our Desperately Seeking March column!

Bride #1 is wanting to marry her beloved in Greece and is seeking tips on Greek destination weddings and recommendations for Greece wedding planners!

Bride #2 is in search of white polka dot fabric- like this. She would love to know where to find it in Melbourne, or the name of it!

Bride #3 is looking for a company in Australia who hires out high end china, specifically the Jasper Conran for Wedgwood Chinoiserie Green range for her wedding.

Bride #4 is  looking for a picturesque venue in Queensland or northern NSW, (scenic rim, Gold Coast hinterland, Sunshine Coast hinterland) a private property, farm or location that has a reasonably large old-style barn. Wooden or stone. Really just doesn’t want a marquee for an outdoor reception!

So Dotties, do you have an answer for one of our brides?